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Ease of use: Very easy to install, easy to use, wonderful community.

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better as your Internet system, also due it's software limitations(installation);



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Linux is popular, best supported, Easy at first (Ubuntu), easier later, private, secure, reliable (Processes), light, open and free. It has free app stores, all free software, best uptime, many great look and feels (desktop environments) with rapid frequent lightweight updates (Packages) and almost all drivers. Ubuntu can auto find all drivers online.



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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS - Definitely Worth It

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I installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a laptop that I was getting ready to sell on eBay just to test out everything in it and make sure that Ubuntu was compatible with my laptop. The installation was easy; I didn't have to manually install the partitions, the program does all of that for you. After installing, I restarted the computer (which took less than 30 seconds to restart) and I noticed the Unity interface. It seems a bit cluttered, but it is definitely better than it used to be. The bar on the side that essentially has your most-used programs on it clutters up the screen a little bit, but you can change the sizes of it and the sizes of the icons on it, or you could just install a different desktop environment, such as KDE, LXDE, Xfce, etc.

Everything that was installed on my laptop was easily recognized by Ubuntu 12.04 and everything worked from the initial installation. The only thing I had to do was install a program to actually use my webcam with, but other than that, everything worked great.

I really think that Ubuntu might become a serious competitor to Windows in the next 3-5 years, because the usability of it is very easy-to-learn for newcomers to the Linux scene and for experienced Linux users. And the Ubuntu Software Centre gives it an "App Store" type feel to installing applications and repositories.

I thoroughly enjoyed using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS as it was very stable and was compatible with every bit of the hardware in my laptop. To anyone who has considered using Linux at all and never had the strength to try it, this would be a great start.


11.10 -- Great OS

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I installed 11.10 and the installation itself went pretty smoothly. Answer a few questions, wait about an hour for it to install, and your done! I don't know why some people say its hard to configure because I find it very user-friendly, especially with Unity installed. Yes, thats right, I just recommended Unity. I don't know about people who have used linux since V1.0, but to me, it is much more user-friendly than GNOME. The first thing I noticed is the dash, accessed by either the windows key or by clicking the gray Ubuntu symbol in the launcher. It has a search, which I find very useful, and a few icons for quick access, including a button to view all apps by category. The other thing I noticed was Ubuntu Software Center, which makes installing apps a breeze. Search for a program and press install. No command line, nothing. Simple. Overall this OS is, to me at least, the best one so far. I have tried Mac OSX, Windows 7, and Windows XP. They all have their good points, but I don't think they are better than Ubuntu overall.


Impossibly hard to configure sometimes

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I installed both Ubuntu 10 and 11 on my HP notebook. The first thing I noticed was that the Internet was very slow. Especially when downloading from their app store. The app store is great, by the way; download speed aside. I also did not like the lack of native support for many popular applications. There are alternatives to many of them, such as OpenOffice instead of Microsoft Office, but some things, like Adobe Photoshop, do not (yes there is GIMP but honestly, it doesn't hold a candle to the King of Image Editors.) Otherwise, many apps worked with it; unless, of course, you want games. (Note: you can run Windows applications inside of Ubuntu using WINE or something like it but it just isn't native performance or feel; the integration just goes down the tubes. Now, I will admit there were positives, like I really liked the app store and the abundance of FREE applications and the little wireless widget at the top, the easy customization and skinning, but it also didn't feel as safe. Where is my SFC command? and my Restore Points? and my Recovery CD's? (If you haven't figured it out by now, I use Windows 7.) I will admit there are some great things about Ubuntu Linux, but it's a little half baked.

Installation was absolute hell. Installing Ubuntu 10 worked fine using the Wubi installer, but version 11 was a different story. I don't even know how I got that working. Of course, version 10 made me compile a wireless driver myself, which was awful, so I quit. Havent touched it since. Windows 7 all the way.

Linux is a great idea, but it ain't no Windows or Mac OS X, but someday it will be up there.

The slow internet connection could be to do with a poor network driver or wrong download mirror. For me I speed up Software Center by choosing a mirror closer to me