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uBlock Origin 1 Helpful

Positive Review by Teleclast
about uBlock Apr 2016

Make sure you are using uBlock Origin, you can do some search if you care to see why, but uBlock essentially became begware, uBlock Origin is still being developed by the main guy without problems. If you are on chrome after you click uBlock Origin read the first few reviews, some guy tried to put a fake one up with the same name!

uBlock Origin absolutely is way way way better than AdBlock.


Better than AdBlock

Positive Review by Goffy
about uBlock and Chromium, Google Chrome, Adblock Plus Jul 2015

Works perfectly fine in Chrome and other Chromium browsers.


Begware, and no longer seriously developed. 1 Helpful

Review by rikskepatat
about uBlock and uBlock Origin Apr 2015

If features will actually get added instead of removed, i'll happily switch back to uBlock, but for now, it's Small uBlock Origin iconuBlock Origin for me.

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Positive Review by 10431532
about uBlock Jan 2015

It has been a delight witnessing the development and expansion of this extension. And now available for Firefox!

Resource usage is excellent compared to alternatives. Perhaps the single best extension ever created to protect privacy.

A humble thank you to the creator.


I liked it but was just a tiny bit disappointed...

Review by nohtml
about uBlock and Adblock Plus Oct 2014

While it does its job of blocking unwanted ads/domains and definitely doesn't use as much power/memory as Adblock Plus (or any alternative), it doesn't feel all that user friendly when it comes to customizing settings compared to adblock plus.