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Make sure you are using uBlock Origin, you can do some search if you care to see why, but uBlock essentially became begware, uBlock Origin is still being developed by the main guy without problems. If you are on chrome after you click uBlock Origin read the first few reviews, some guy tried to put a fake one up with the same name!

uBlock Origin absolutely is way way way better than AdBlock.

begware indeed!


Better than AdBlock

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Works perfectly fine in Chrome and other Chromium browsers.


Begware, and no longer seriously developed.

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If features will actually get added instead of removed, i'll happily switch back to uBlock, but for now, it's Small uBlock Origin iconuBlock Origin for me.

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It has been a delight witnessing the development and expansion of this extension. And now available for Firefox!

Resource usage is excellent compared to alternatives. Perhaps the single best extension ever created to protect privacy.

A humble thank you to the creator.


I liked it but was just a tiny bit disappointed...

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While it does its job of blocking unwanted ads/domains and definitely doesn't use as much power/memory as Adblock Plus (or any alternative), it doesn't feel all that user friendly when it comes to customizing settings compared to adblock plus.

it doesn't feel all that user friendly when it comes to customizing settings compared to adblock plus

Would you mind giving me specific examples?

From Adblock Plus issue tracker (their TODO list), it does appear that even Adblock Plus agrees that µBlock does some things the right way. Examples:

#1460 "Add a setting for not loading element hiding rules"
A µBlock feature since the beginning.

#1431 "Block element preview does not accurately demonstrate the effects of the suggested filter"
µBlock will highlight as accurately as can be the effect of the filter you select/create on a web page.

#1422 "Add a way to subscribe to any known filter list in Chrome, Opera and Safari"
Already implemented in µBlock, since months.

µBlock supports whitelisting specific web pages, or specific subset of web pages without needing to handcraft a filter.

Entering custom filters or whitelist in µBlock is as easy as editing text, while in ABP you have to go through a single line editor, and no way to edit afterward if you make a typo. You can import/export these with µBlock, or just cut&paste them from/to a text editor. Not possible with ABP. You can comment out a single line with µBlock. Not with ABP.

Comparing settings tab by tab, I really can't find where ABP is unarguably more user friendly. µBlock offers more options for the user to customize: enabled/disable auto-update, enable/disable cosmetic filters, request log (not found on ABP for Chrome), new filter options to give more control to the user ("inline-script" to disable inline script tags, "important" to override all exceptions), etc.

So I am really curious as to what specifically ABP is offering which is enough to dismiss all µBlock's advantages, including efficiency which gives the user more freedom to use more filter lists and thus higher protection.

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Its the best, thats all I can say.

But I have a question. I always use chrome/firefox and even also IE. This blocker now is available on both Chrome and Firefox. Any chance it comes to IE, too? I mean, even AdBlock has arrived on IE with usual updates. I know, since I use IE with AdBlock Plus. It would be awesome, if you'd make it on IE. Please, make it happen. I know lots of people dont like IE, but its not that bad after few optimalization.