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Best in class for blocking junk on the web

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Also, there's some settings you can specify for adding support for more things to block

Like for instances, "Disconnects" social media anti-tracker which is useful if you want to block facebook plugins on other peoples sites (so you don't accidentally comment things where you don't want too)


Easy. Powerful. Secure. Confusing names.

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The good
• I love it. It is owned and supported by a friendly community. Not a corporation. More secure because its code is publicly available for review and contributions on GitHub at https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock
• Easy to use. With both basic or advanced modes.
• Lightweight on memory and CPU resources
• More than 12 million users. Including 3.8+ millions users on Firefox and 8.9+ millions users on Chrome
• Clear Manifesto:
......• The user decides what web content is acceptable or not in their browser.
......• The uBlock project does not support Adblock Plus' "Acceptable Ads Manifesto", because the "Acceptable Ads" marketing campaign is really the business plan of a for-profit entity.
......• Users are best placed to know what is or is not acceptable to them. uBlock's sole purpose is to give users the means to enforce their own choices.
• More than 12 million users. Including 3.8+ millions users on Firefox and 8.9+ millions users on Chrome.
• Lots of features
• uBlock Origin has a better track record at fully protecting your privacy, than AdBlock Plus (ABP). There is a controversy around ABP and its related for profit corporation trying to monetize ABP via ad whitelisting. Which means that corporation sales your privacy for profit :( Source at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adblock_Plus

The bad
• Confusion with the names. Between "uBlock Origin" and "uBlock". For those not familiar with those names, uBlock Origin is better than uBlock. Mostly because as of May 2017 Ublock Origin is still actively maintained and updated. Source at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UBlock_Origin Compare to uBlock which as not been maintained and updated for more than 2 years, since 2015, and is trying to monetize an open source project. Source at https://github.com/chrisaljoudi/uBlock


It's Pick pen is awesome.

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The option perfectly blocks the exact part that you want. Try it.


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Great app! It spends even less resources than Adblock Plus!


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Best ad blocker for Chrome and Firefox. Open source and block all the ads.


Best Customizable AdBlocker

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You can hide popups or you can allow popups to some website. Also you can allow any you wanted ads. 3rd scripts block or allow remote css or even fonts. Everything can be done with that.
Example Me, Whenever i do see some "adblock-killer" websites. I would just allow the adblock-killer scripts so i am bypassing them while blocking ads.

Note : Check the extension log system. There is even buttons you can block the links inside the website.

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Ublock Origin can not stop porn ads or help youtubers

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I have tested this on google chrome for over a year and the result at first seems fine but ran into things. I couldn't disable it for youtubers who i supported, so i have to click to disable and let everything on the ads run. They know all about porn ads being unblockable but they still have not issue an update to fix it, not once have they even try to fix it. Ublock also does not stop paywalls, malware, annoying flash ads, and dangerous websites. This can only be trusted to work on youtube and popular websites nothing else. Also No, I haven't gone through the annoying advance stuff because no user should ever waste time doing it.



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There is no viable alternative to uBlock Origin.


righteous ublock origin: zero 3rd party ads is the ONLY ACCEPTABLE ideology

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Wladimir Palant has made himself untrustworthy with his inane "acceptable privacy violation" defaults.

3rd party ads sell privacy for profit: this is ALWAYS UNACCEPTABLE.

ublock origin is the only remaining adBLOCK project with a focus on BLOCKING and safeguarding PRIVACY