Tunngle Reviews

this MALWARE endangers privacy

Review by KillAdwareDevelopers
about Tunngle Apr 2016

It CANNOT "protect your privacy" while selling your privacy for profit.

Do NOT install this adware.

This application MUST be tagged ADWARE. All adware is malware by definition.



Positive Review by jankrulkowalski
about Tunngle and LogMeIn Hamachi Jan 2016

App has annoying ads (you can upgrade to premium) but it's working without any problems for everyone instead of Hamachi.


UI is for kids?

Negative Review by nandayo
about Tunngle and LogMeIn Hamachi Apr 2013

After installing it one gets totally blind. Never ever seen such an insane user interface. Takes a week to understand how it all works. I will never leave Hamachi after trying out Tunngle.