Tumblr Reviews

Useless crap, the perfect mirror of XXI century Society

Negative Review by carlosvgonzalez
about Tumblr Mar 2017

Really, even if you are a 5 year old kid, you will get bored with this, as for real useful content this is the ultimate trash, completely useless even worst productivity than Facebook. People just re-micro-blog text and pictures they see on other micro-trash-blogs, and the wheel gets as big as most stupid micro-stupid.blogs exist. It's the perfect mirror of our society.


Thanks Yahoo 1 Helpful

Negative Review by jesusmalverde
about Tumblr Jan 2017

Yahoo just finds new ways to mess up a working system. Everything they touch turns to crap.


Tumblr only gets worse and worse 1 Helpful

Negative Review by coryz40
about Tumblr Apr 2015

Every few months, the staff at Tumblr push out a useless update that usually benefits nobody. This last one (April 2015) has my blood boiling. My monitor's resolution is 1680 x 1050, so I have a lot of screen real estate. With this update, Tumblr hides information under a drop down that used to always be present. There is now more than ever, more blank space on my screen. Plus, getting to my other blogs now takes MORE clicks. I hate this site. I hate it so much.


It's so much fun browsing Tumblr 1 Helpful

Positive Review by JuliusAnger
about Tumblr Nov 2012

IMHO it is the a fabulous time killer and it makes much fun to browse pictures.

Tipp: Google for any keyword of your interest and add "tumblr" and you get dozens of ontopic pictures. Add /archive to the tumblr URL and you get a fullscreen overview of all pictures of an tumblr account.