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It works!

Positive Review by Anamon
about TubeDigger and StreamTransport, RTMPDump Dec 2015

The area of stream dumping software is full of many shady offerings. Many are very intransparent about the fact that they let themselves be bullied into not supporting the saving of encrypted streams. Most commercial ones are substandard, bloated tools that at best reach, but don't surpass the ability of the few open-source tools out there (namely, RTMPDump).

I've been using RTMPDump successfully for dumping encrypted streams for a long time, and usually fared well with it. For some reason though, I simply couldn't capture any request URLs for some specific sites anymore lately. This was true even for the inofficial v2.5 build (whose crucial additional functionality was, incidentally, patched in by the very same developers that also created TubeDigger).

I haven't educated myself about streaming protocols, protections and encryptions enough to understand what the various tools do in the background to make the magic work, but in cases where I couldn't put RTMPDump to use, the rather old and abandoned StreamTransport used to be of great service to me. On many sites, it still works great, but lately, there have been some where the streams it detects have a size of 0, and on top of it, StreamTransport will crash when trying to save them.

Going by some information on a forum, I decided to give TubeDigger a try. And what can I say but that it worked? The usage principle is the same as in StreamTransport and similar tools: you use the integrated browser to navigate to the site containing the stream you want to dump, and start playing it. The list view in the bottom will populate with the detected streams. Select one and click the save button, and it is being dumped to your hard drive. On some sites I previously used StreamTransport on, TubeDigger even detects and additional stream formats that didn't show up in that tool.

TubeDigger includes several additional features, such as a stream recorder in case the dumping should fail, conversion options, and the option to switch between IE- and Chromium-based browsers. I haven't given them much use yet, I was too happy to be able to dump stuff again. The interface also makes a somewhat cleaner impression than that of most other tools.

Thankfully, TubeDigger offers a free trial which lets you download 50% of a stream. This is very helpful since I assume most people will find this tool because their previous, other methods of stream dumping have failed on some particular site. If so, I'd say it's worth giving it a go. On some sites, I have tried a number of alternative applications, and TubeDigger was the only one that worked immediately.

I'm pretty sure that with some Googling and learning, I could probably accomplish the same thing TubeDigger does with free and open-source software. There must be some way to find the correct parameters to use RTMPDump to get the job done, as I used to. However, given the convenience of how quickly everything worked in TubeDigger, and the fair price, I decided to take this way out this time around, and I'm still happy about the decision.