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Horrible Company and Expensive

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These guys are horrible and do not offer true transactional reviews, meaning anybody can come and leave a review .. which damages our credibility. They even refuse to remove them unless we pay.. very under handed and sneaky.

The price for their basic plan has skyrocketed over the years to around $300 today which is crazy.

Do yourself a favor and go for a cheaper alternative that still offers great service like :

  1. ShopperApproved =
  2. TrustSpot =

seems to be easy manipulable// FF Addon is dead

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I found there a lot of new registered domains with a lot of 100% good comments and reputation; and a lot of sites which were rated very poor although they are very reliable (also by own experience)

So I would not trust TrustPilot this way without checking other sources to verify.

And the FF Addon is useless since 2010, they stopped the development so that you cant even install it.