Trello Reviews

Easy and Reliable

Positive Review by MelanieGuevara
about Trello Feb 2017

This is one of the most reliable and easy to access application I have. I really admire and love the easy access feature on the monitoring of the tasks in which it views on the same panel. I have been using this for years now and I really recommend it!



Review by PJman
about Trello Jan 2017

I was sceptical to any type of online wrok flow management system but this works really well. Kudos to you.


Trello is Kanban meets internet!

Positive Review by prettykittybi
about Trello Jun 2016

The great visual system which helps to keep track of working progress. The UI and overall flexibility are on a great level. Speaking about GUI, Trello is a pleasure to look at and work with. The flexibility to create our team workflows and change them how and when I need to is a powerful feature of the tool.

We use Trello in combination with Wrike since our software developers are more familiar with Kamban methodology than with more “business-type” of project management apps.

Instead of copying each task from Wrike into a Trello cards, we spent 5 minutes to set the automation using article about different automations written by Wrike´s developers. When set up is done, everytime when you create a new task in Wrike integration will automatically create a new card in Trello.


comfort to use! -1 Helpful

Positive Review by RockyB
about Trello and Evernote Sep 2015

I liked the app. Easy and really useful. Organize everything in shortest time. You know, it's even better than Evernote!