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  • WinDirStat icon


    WinDirStat is a disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool, inspired by KDirStat.

    Open Source Windows

  • Baobab icon


    Disk Usage Analyzer is a graphical, menu-driven application to analyse disk usage in any Gnome environment. Disk Usage Analyzer can easily scan either the whole...

    Open Source Linux BSD FreeBSD GNOME

  • JDiskReport icon


    JDiskReport enables you to understand how much space the files and directories consume on your disk drives, and it helps you find obsolete files and folders. The tool...

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD

  • ncdu

    A disk usage analyzer with an ncurses interface, aimed to be run on a remote server where you don't have an entire gaphical setup, but have to do with a simple SSH...

    Open Source Mac Linux BSD

  • WizTree icon


    WizTree scans your entire hard drive and shows you which files and folders are using the most disk space. It does this VERY QUICKLY. In fact, we believe WizTree to be...

  • DaisyDisk icon


    With DaisyDisk you can free up disk space by quickly finding and deleting big, useless files. The program scans any mounted disk and displays it on the sunburst map...

    Commercial Mac

  • GrandPerspective icon


    GrandPerspective is a small utility application for Mac that graphically shows the disk usage within a file system. It can help you to manage your disk, as you can...

    Open Source Mac

  • DiskUsage icon


    DiskUsage provides a way to find out which files and directories on the SD card of your Android phone are consuming the most space. It displays diagram with...

    Open Source Android

  • SpaceMonger icon


    SpaceMonger is a treemapping tool for hard disks and file systems. Scan, map and manage PC, network and cloud storage Copy, move and delete files to free...

    Commercial Windows

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  • DiskWave icon


    DiskWave is a free utility to help you determine where most of your hard drive space is consumed. The program scans your hard drive to compute the size of all folders...

    Free Mac

    • Discontinued The program is no longer updated. Last version, 0.4.0, released in August 2012, can be still downloaded from the official website.
  • Xinorbis icon


    Xinorbis is a completely FREE, powerful Windows-based data storage analyser for single users or network administrators. Provides an instant visual display of the...

  • GD Map icon

    GD Map

    GdMap is a tool which allows to visualize disk space. Ever wondered why your hard disk is full or what directory and files take up most of the space? With GdMap these...

    Open Source Linux

TreeSize Comments

junctions supported!

Positive Comment by Nashev
about TreeSize Apr 2016

This great application supports junctions and do not add junction's target sizes in reports!

But it do not understand hard links, and it's sizes in report are duplicated (

[Edited by Nashev, April 22]

Non-free version supports hardlink resolving! And deduplicatioin by creating hardlinks for same files have!


The question

Comment by johnbarness
about TreeSize Feb 2016

Thank you for review!
I have a question is it required to be installed or it's portable? This makes sense for me because I've got many computers to check and do not want to install the copy on everyone. Many people writes it crashes all the time but I'd like to check it out. I think the software like this will not be needed in the nearest future because people start relying on cloud storage like [Ideals]( ) that are more efficient and can be reached from everywhere leaving your own hdd free.


Treesize is a piece of junk

Negative Comment by 7384409
about TreeSize Oct 2014

Crashes everytime I use it (and I have plenty of RAM). Version is older version, but I got tired of developer constantly hitting up for more $$$ for additional updates that don't fix anything.


Best free disk space manager ever!

Positive Comment by Cayren
about TreeSize and SpaceObServer Feb 2013

TreeSize Free is a great program for managing disk space. It's fast, it's free, and it presents all information in a very clear overview.

It works on Win 7 and Win 8.

TreeSize is updated fairly regularly, this way you're always up to date.

I'm a proud owner of TreeSize Professional, but I always carry the free version on an USB stick to have it close by when yet another friends asks me to help them because their computer has inexplicably slowed down or complains about low disk space. :)

The full versions are even more awesome and offer really great features such as deduplication and NTFS support.

Added bonus: The folks at JAM are really friendly and offer a-plus support.

Great software, try it out yourself!

[Edited by Cayren, February 27]


Very simple and effective little application, I have been u ...

Comment by bresslau
about TreeSize Jun 2011

Very simple and effective little application, I have been using it for years!
Also works on Win7, if anybody was wondering.


TreeSize Free can show only the size of local folders or lo ...

Comment by em4020
about TreeSize Jun 2011

TreeSize Free can show only the size of local folders or local drives, not of network folders
Very good free applications to examine the foldersize of NETWORK drives are:
(1) WinDirStat:
(2) JDiskReport:
(3) FreeCommander:
A very good commercial application to examine the foldersize of NETWORK drives is:
The free TreeSize Mobile for "Windows Mobile" is able to manage the disk space on your smartphone:


Beside many other useful functions FreeCommander shows (als ...

Comment by em4020
about TreeSize Jun 2011

Beside many other useful functions FreeCommander shows (also sorted) how much space the files and directories consume on your disk drives, similar to JDiskReport or TreeSizeFree, but as opposed to "Treesize Free" also on network disk drives.