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Official version for Windows! 6 Helpful

Comment by Danilo_Venom
about Transmission and Transmission-Qt Win Mar 2016

An official version of Transmission for Windows (2.92) is finally available.
It is not on the project website yet, but in their [GitHub page]( )

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Transmission QT

Positive Comment by mattiasmagnusson
about Transmission and Transmission-Qt Win Jul 2015

Transmission is available for Windows using Transmission QT


Windows build 1 Helpful

Negative Comment by Azazel
about Transmission and µTorrent Apr 2013

There is an unofficial Windows build (google it if you're interested), but it's very unstable at the time (version 2.77); the application crashes every second time after hitting the 'Open URL' button. Anyway Transmission still lacks some of utorrent's features, like torrent rating, auto shutdown and more detailed look on a torrent list. Other than that – the interface looks pretty sleek and I guess I would have played with it more if I had a more reliable option on Windows.


Disappointing proxy settings

Negative Comment by AbsenteeSurgeon
about Transmission May 2012

Transmission (in linux at least) uses system proxy settings instead of its own independent setting. I wish there was more flexibility here.


Transmission kind of sucks (bandwidth)

Negative Comment by OmgItsTheSmartGuy
about Transmission and µTorrent Jan 2012

I recently tried out the (relatively new) uTorrent for Mac, and its automatic bandwidth management really blows me away. Transmission doesn't even offer a feature similar to this.

With uTorrent running in the background, my internet browser still loads webpages at full speed, because uTorrent automatically adjusts its bandwidth based on my network load. When I have Transmission running in the background, everything slows down to a crawl unless I turn on speed-limit mode to throttle my downloads. Since uTorrent throttles in realtime, it can still run at full speed when I'm not loading anything (for example, while I'm typing this post). I never realized how much I missed uTorrent on Windows until it finally came to Mac.


I like Transmission, you can use it in KDE too.

Positive Comment by ilgaar
about Transmission and KDE Jun 2011

I like Transmission, not only it is simple, light and a working application, but It is not just limited to Genome, you can use it in KDE too.


Very good as linux daemon - internal WebGui support, goof s ...

Comment by Romani
about Transmission Jun 2011

Very good as linux daemon - internal WebGui support, goof speed, No resource hogging. Gui, maybe, too simple, but OK


Transmission is much better than uTorrent for Mac. 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by timstott
about Transmission and µTorrent Jun 2011

Much better than uTorrent for Mac.
Transmission offers more option and provides more information.


Transmission is the easiest torrent client on OS X. 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by R_Kamidees
about Transmission and µTorrent Jun 2011

Transmission is one of the easiest and most lightweight torrent clients on OS X. The gui is intuitive and uncluttered, but the program has some in-depth features. It even offers a web UI like uTorrent. For Windows, uTorrent is still number one, but on Macs, Transmission is giving the title-holder a run for its money.