Tox Reviews

Promise to a great futur.

Review by james_PTG
about Tox Apr 2017

I try utox and qtox for windows no problem. I love the utox version who is really light and fast !

I try the android version (aka Antox) version: 0.25.476. well not working under linageOS (aka cyanogenmod)


It is a disaster in the current form...was it even tested?

Negative Review by igenn
about Tox Oct 2016
  • Audio calls are echoing (terrible codec selection?), congratulations
  • Impossible to make a seamless video call, can't tell what you see, better turned off
  • Video call stops after ~5 mins, always, if you are lucky might ~10 mins

Worth a try if no other option left, but MUST search for alternative for normal usage.

This software is much lower than an alpha-state.


I worked longer with the DEVs, unsuccsessful -3 Helpful

Negative Review by cycroenerugi
about Tox Jun 2016

The developer cant find a way for easy distribution of there software, except uTox!


Finally - a dignified privacy and user respecting alternative to Skype 1 Helpful

Positive Review by Seth
about Tox Feb 2016

I just gave Tox another spin a few weeks ago, and was very pleased at how reliably it made voice and video calls with two other non-technical users.

I despise Skype, it has turned into such a buggy surveillance-grid piece sh*te, don't even get me started.

Now there is a viable alternative that extends a big middle finger to the surveillance state.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Tox developers for delivering us from the special hell that is the present day Skype experience.

Give this project some money and your love.