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Git has plenty of great features.

  • Mac OS X
    Requirements * Mac OS X v10.5+ * Git v1.7.0.1+

Git has plenty of great features. Using all of them can be difficult if you only have your command line at hand. That's why we built Tower.

Repository Manager

* All repositories in one place More Info »

Keep track of your repos by grouping related ones, and by filtering or searching
* Add / clone / create

Add existing repos, clone from remote origins, or create new ones
* Drag'n'drop from Finder

Add or open repositories per drag'n'drop
* Ignore files & file patterns
* Forgot to push? Need to pull?

Quickly see if your local working copy is ahead of or behind the remote origin repository


* Recent activities or full list

See either all commits or just the latest ones in an optimized view
* Detailed info

See integrated diffs of changed files, copy content to clipboard etc.
* History for everything

See the history for any branch, tag, or even stash
* Filter & search
* Create branches from commits
* Export as ZIP and save patches

Browse / Working Copy

* All files or only changed ones

View all files in a folder structure or only changed files as a flat list
* View file contents

View a file’s contents directly in Tower; see staged / unstaged changes
* Commit changes and amend commits
* Push, pull, and fetch from remote repositories
* Add, delete, rename, untrack, etc. files
* Staging Area

Quickly stage files (or parts of files); keep track of staged files with the “Staging Area” view and stage/unstage with drag’n’drop
* Revert files to previous states
* Ignore files
* Open and save files

Open existing files in external applications or save files from past revisions on your disk
* Resolve merge conflicts


* Save your current working state

Save changes temporarily to a stash without committing and get a clean working copy (e.g. to work on an urgent bug)
* Create, reapply, and delete stashes

Branches, Tags, and Remote Repositories

* Easily create, delete and rename branches, tags, and remotes
* Extensive branching support

Push, pull, publish, track, checkout, or create new branches from tags...
* Merge and rebase support
* Drag'n'drop

Simply use drag’n’drop to merge, pull, create, etc.
* Export files from a branch or tag


* Integration of external diff applications

View diffs in Kaleidoscope, Changes, FileMerge, Araxis Merge, or TextMate
* Manage Git config

Requirements & Setup

* Mac OS X v10.5+
* Git v1.7.0.1+

Upcoming Features

* Command line tool
* git-svn support
* Single line staging
* Blame view
* File history

More Info »

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Tower (sometimes refered to as gittower, git-tower, git tower) was added by walle in Nov 2010 and the lastest update was made in Dec 2013. There is a history of activites on Tower in our Change Log and Activity Log. It's possible to update the information on Tower or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam.
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