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Absolutely Fantastic for true swypers!

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I started my Android journey with Swype years ago and I remember loving it but when it disappeared one beautifl day I switched over to SwiftKey which I've never really liked tbh. I find the prediction to be horrible or is it my writing style? I have recently made up my mind to find a keyboard that would suit me best. I did try Go Keyboard, it isn't bad... oh, let me rephrase myself, it is a good keyboard you should try, too. I tried the new Swype, it's terrible these days. I tried Minuum, not my thing at all, good for SMS.
I even tried Fleksy, the newcomer, but I'm just used to the comfort of swyping and can't imaging myself touching my display with so much passion, Fleksy makes me feel like the Neanderthaler I've seen on my trip to Germany 10 years ago, of course not in real life! Fleksy made me want to hit my keyboard, being the patient person that I am, using it would conflict me with my prefered lifestyle, the way of the Budda. wwwwwwww

Then, I found TouchPal a few weeks ago and I have been in love with it since then. I am the impersonification of marketing, I love almost all about it. I just wished it had some animations but I can live without that feature, the predicton is amazing and I think the keyboard just_ gets me_, y'know?! I feel like it knows what I'm gonna say next which is important to me. In fact I am using it right now to type this quick review. I don't always wanna be reading and correcting my own words. TouchPal's prediction is excellent. Themes are abundant. Unlike Go's product, TouchPal doesn't come with bloatware (anymore). Consider TouchPal if you're a fan of Go/Swift/Swype.


Lightweight and free

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I used to use Swype beta while it was free. I also tried Google's built in swipe keyboard. I like them both. Unfortunately Swype isn't free and it uses a lot of space. Who wants to try an other swipe keyboard without paying for it, I'd advice TouchPal as a free and more light-weight alternative. Unfortunately I think it's not yet that good as Swype/Google because I have to swipe more precisely (for Dutch, that is) but I definitely try it again later.