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Great software used for many-many years across many different windows versions.


TotalCommander is a DINOSAUR!!! An expensive dinosaur.

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I remember seeing this around in the 90s in the days of dos. It's really cool that he's kept up to date since then, insuring that it works with the new version of windows.

My gripe with this software is that the dev has not touched the UI since the days of windows 3.1 and that this software has not evolved at all, yet he is asking for a premium price of 45$ which is way too much for what it is. If he was asking for 10 or 15$, I would have been ok: that's fair, he is putting working just keeping it functional from OS to OS, he is hosting it etc. At 45$, he's just f-ing greedy and it is so out of date. Such a low value deal. I can't believe this old piece of junk got as many votes on this site as it did...

Anyways, there are some nice alternatives to this: XYplorer has an intensly solid freeware version and the payware version is currently on special at 40US$. It's a Christmas deal but a regular price of 80$, I would think it must be going on special very often because no one would pay 80$ for a file browser. I'd say the freeware version of XYp has 70% of TotC's functions with a far superior GUI, customization and flexibility. The pay version of XYplorer just blows total commander out of the water with advanced scripting functionality, tagging, color coding, directory mirroring, mirrored browsing, tab sets, pane sets, favorite folder and files, hotlists, recently opened apps, windows shell integration.



by Shojimeguro
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its feature are awesome but the only weakness of this software is....


that's all :3

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