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There's just so much it can't do.

Negative Review by Holmes1245
about Todoist 7 days ago

After trying to love Todoist like so many other people do, I gave up in frustration. I've concluded from my reading about Todoist on both blogs, help websites and Doist's own reference material that people love it because it's multi-platform (aka, everywhere) and because it's aesthetically pleasing to the eye but the truth is, it's not really that good a task manager for projects.

If you're coming from something that had more features and did a lot more than Todoist does, you're going to have a harder time and it probably won't work for your purposes. In my case, I was trying to adapt my system in Todoist because it was multiplatform and because they will be adding 2-way sync to Google Calendar soon.

However, Todoist's definition of a project is this: a simplified list that can only be grouped by tasks and sort by priority, name and date. Priority 4, which is white, isn't a real priority status since it's white and all tasks are given priority 4 by default! I don't understand that reasoning in a productivity app. Give me more productivity categories, perhaps something like priority one through six or ten.

When it comes to projects, I can't filter through one project to view today's tasks for that one project. What Todoist sorely needs is a view tab by which lists and projects can be filtered instead of the list of filters currently offered.

I could go on and on but I won't. Todoist is good for those people who like to look at their software, play around with it and feel like they're accomplishing something when in reality, a lot of what I see are people who spend way too much time figuring out a system in it that works for them than they probably do getting stuff done.

Once Todoist stops being cute and can add some real meat to that malnutritioned skeleton of a thing they call a task list manager, then I'll revise this review.


Todoist, what it does and doesn't 4 Helpful

Positive Review by lupuleasai
about Todoist Sep 2015

As a guy with absolute shit memory, I've been using Todoist free version in browser and on my smartphone for about 3 years because of how easy it is to use and I'll keep using it in the future, but apart from everything working for a todo list way, it has a few things I would love to be implemented but aren't:

  • more and better keyboard shortcuts
  • more features and tracking capabilities
  • easier handling with keyboard only
  • more functions that even the simplest text editors have nowadays

The paid version doesn't really solve the above issues, right now it just adds labels/tags and notifications if you pay fully, which are nice to have but not essential.

Altough, what it does it does really well for a TODO list in its design:

  • it shows the timeline of the next days visible to you
  • this makes it easy to drag and drop things to reschedule
  • has support for recurring tasks
  • has support for priorities
  • has support for dates
  • has support for natural language scheduling of tasks (like "take out trash on sunday", and he knows to put "take out trash" on Sunday)
  • it's the fastest app I tried to add and manage your tasks (it takes 2 seconds to add a task with a date with the speed I type)

Because of these, I have a custom querry of the next 7 days of my todoist as my Chrome homepage. Very useful to keep me in check.

Note: The latest UI design change was a fun addition.

It's a good todo app, but I want the devs to do more for it to make it godly.

[Edited by lupuleasai, September 24]