TinyTask Reviews

Can be unreliable

Review by 10basetom
about TinyTask and MacroMaker Nov 2015

I love the [tiny] size, simplicity, and portability of this utility, but there is one "behavior" that makes it unreliable: when playing back a recording, it also plays back the keystrokes used to stop the recording (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R), which can lead to unexpected results. This was tested on Windows 7 32-bit doing a recording in Excel 2010.

The best keystroke/mouse recorder is still MacroMaker for me -- too bad it doesn't work on modern computers.


Record and play back mouse movements. No strings attached

Positive Review by TimTimTim
about TinyTask Sep 2013

No installation, no ads, no trialware, it just records and plays back mouse movements and loop it if you like. The best free alternative of its kind I've found