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Negative Review by ErikR
about Tiny Tiny RSS Mar 2015

I have been using TT-RSS for several years now and have gained some knowledge about the application and the community that brings it.

Although I really think TT-RSS is a very nice application I also must warn users for a very mean and crude community. It seems like Andrew, the author, a.k.a Fox make it a thing insulting users with simple questions or opinions different from the main stream instead of supporting them. Be prepared to be called stupid or retard instead of getting support. Be prepared for a laugh instead of an answer. The key persons seems to take turn making the insults.

For users seeking a supportive community I suggest using another application where the community have a positive attitude.

I strongly suggest users to select another software than TT-RSS, or if support is needed ask somewhere else.

The reason I am here commenting is because I am now evaluating the alternatives to TT-RSS. I think Andrew and the team is showing the worse attitude I ever found in open source communities during more than 10 years.