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Nice application with a crude community

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I have been using TT-RSS for several years now and have gained some knowledge about the application and the community that brings it.

Although I really think TT-RSS is a very nice application I also must warn users for a very mean and crude community. It seems like Andrew, the author, a.k.a Fox make it a thing insulting users with simple questions or opinions different from the main stream instead of supporting them. Be prepared to be called stupid or retard instead of getting support. Be prepared for a laugh instead of an answer. The key persons seems to take turn making the insults.

For users seeking a supportive community I suggest using another application where the community have a positive attitude.

I strongly suggest users to select another software than TT-RSS, or if support is needed ask somewhere else.

The reason I am here commenting is because I am now evaluating the alternatives to TT-RSS. I think Andrew and the team is showing the worse attitude I ever found in open source communities during more than 10 years.

It's reason enough to not use a particular software. People that immature aren't capable of leading and maintaining a project properly anyway, so it's probably just a matter of time before it ends in a disaster. Also, it means that (a) user feedback will never have any influence on the project, and (b) contributed code has zero chance of ever being considered for inclusion, or even being appreciated. In that case I have to ask, why bother even making a project open-source?

TTRSs is old software that is still actively maintained and has many great features.

Drop your own open source software somewhere, and you will see an invasion of dumb people that will suck your lifeforce out if you don't handle them like muppets.

I'm sure that's what happens with every project that can gain enough attention. But why not just handle those folks like grown-ups: ignore them if they're stupid, or ban them if they become annoying. It seems to work for most other projects and communities.

That's not the people who get handled like muppets on those boards, from what I've seen. Sure, some of them ask dumb questions, and people can get tired of that and should be excused the odd snark. But it seems to be folks who simply ask a question the moderators don't like, or have an opinion they don't share. I still think, if you can't deal with differing opinions, better keep the code to yourself.

After the tenth feature-request by users that don't even answer your question for clarification of that feature you may begin to react grumpy too. Not implying that this happened here.

Sure, I completely understand that. But it tends to looks more like general frustration from dealing with actually annoying people, being unloaded on other, perfectly innocuous people. No inability to clarify, nor lack of understanding for the developers' stance on something. Just direct personal attacks in the very first reply to a question.