Time Out Reviews

Save your eyes! Rest your eyes and get up and move from time to time

Positive Review by adamlogan
about Time Out and f.lux, SelfControl, RescueTime Oct 2015

I use this app in conjunction with f.lux to keep me healthy when using the computer. Otherwise it's all too easy to forget to blink, or to change my focus (my eyes would blue after hours of staring at the screen.

By default the program makes you take a 15 second micro break every 10 minutes to look away from your computer, close them, look out the window and admire the weather and scenery.

Then there's the bigger breaks which happen every hour where you get 10 minutes where you are encouraged to get up and move, get a cup of coffee and say hi to your neighbor/roommate/ partner what have you, or hey, you could go step outside, play on your yoga ball or just lie down, whatever suits you.

I looked for awhile and tried a bunch of other software solutions such as RescueTime and SelfControl before finding this one, and I'm just floored. The app is fairly simple, but it is well organized and the preferences are painless and easy to adjust. A white list to disable the breaks when specific programs are in focus like say media players VLC or webcam software like Facetime, Skype, etc proved helpful.

It even has a tab for launching applications, set status to away, shell scripts and more at the beginning or and at the end of breaks which I have not taken advantage of yet, but it's neat that it's there. (See some premade scripts on the developer' website.

Yes, it's annoying to force yourself to take breaks, but it is so worth it. My eyes are doing much better now, and I've been wanting to invite more opportunities to bump myself off the computer to socialize and go do stuff in the world outside of computers.

[Edited by adamlogan, October 14]