Time Doctor Reviews

Decent program, but better choices available

Review by agreen
about Time Doctor and Screenshot Monitor, Toggl Mar 2014

Pros: The strong part of Time Doctor is that it holds your hand every step of the way and explains your options clearly, especially when you start using the program. In addition to Windows, it supports Mac & Linux and has an iPhone app. The desktop application is a bit heavy on size and design, but relatively well thought out and simple to use.

Cons: Price. At $10/user/month it is twice as expensive as most of the competitors and its free version is useless without the web interface. The web interface is confusing, overly complicated and just looks outdated. Reporting is split in bits and pieces and never gives you the complete picture. Screenshot viewer is almost useless. No “Client” category exists – you can not assign projects to clients, nor can you see time and money for a client. No “Money” category – you know the hours, but not how much money was spent on each task/project. When a screenshot is taken, no notification is given to employee.

Conclusion: TimeDoctor is a product that shows it’s age with an outdated web interface and significant usability issues. User never gets full understanding of time spent and has to pick bits and pieces of information from the reports. It is not competitive in pure time-tracking environment and is probably not the best choice in time-tracking + screenshot monitoring area. For a usable free version or to save 50% and have a more pleasant user experience – go with Screenshot Monitor (http://screenshotmonitor.com/). If you do not care about screenshots and need to track time on different platforms – go with Toggl (http://toggl.com). But if you have to have screenshot monitoring with Mac or Linux support, Time Doctor may have the job done.

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