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worth the wait

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So far, I love it! My import took less than an hour -- on the morning of July 2, when all the Google Reader orphans were looking for a new home at the same time.

It's close enough to the Google Reader interface that the transition has been mostly painless. My biggest beef is that the right-side scroller is a little hard to see and find. Seriously. That's my biggest problem!

Nice, clean, simple. Win.


Facebook or Google Account required

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No way to sign up using the existing mail account. Required permission for the Google Account connection: "Associate you with your public Google profile".

Hm... nope.

Now you can sign up using your mail account: this feature was added recently.

Great to know, thanks!


The most similar alternative to Google Reader!

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Since Google announced that Reader will not be available after July, I'll suggest to import your feeds to The Old Reader :)