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Used to be among the best

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Now it is adware and useless. It can still play a bunch of files other players struggle with. But, you have to tolerate ads on top of ads. Latest version slowed my computer down, just loading the program. It was unresponsive and kept trying to play some video ad it downloaded off the Internet. I do NOT recommend this progarm.


Massively spyware infested.

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If you happen to think about installing this one, consider there are far better alternatives which aren't infested by countless ad- spy- and other bundleware garbage.


Uninstalled it when it implemented Ads

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I was using it from 6-8 months it was working great, then it started displaying annoying ads and then i switched to Potplayer. Potplayed works great.


possibly the most underrated media player ever

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Simple, tiny, and no-nonsense players are definitely worthwhile apps -- particularly Media Player Classic - Home Cinema which I find is the perfect go-to app on the (very) rare occasion that KMP has playback issues -- but KMP deserves way more credit than it's gotten. At least it's finally been getting lots of likes here on aTo in recent times, but its interface is WAAAAAAAAY more functional, intuitive and user-friendly than all the over-hyped apps like VLC and MPC. The Winamp-style playlist editor alone makes it the superior app as it blows just about every other media player's playlist management abilities out of the water.

And yes, while the KMP Options dialog has a staggering amount of configurable settings of which many are highly technical and beyond the average user, they can safely be ignored since the player works out-of-the-box with a level of reliability that rivals any other player out there -- MPC-HC and VLC included. However, on the note of KMP's Options dialog, I do have to note one negative: it's poorly organized. Advanced/power users who love to tweak and tinker with software will likely be initially frustrated when starting out with configuring KMP until they get used to the quirky tree layout of settings. To be fair, the app does have hundreds of configurable settings that control nearly every aspect of media playback on a level that even a seasoned software developer would have a heck of a time trying to organize, so I feel for KMP's devs, but the problem is that Options dialog has been kind of a mess going back many versions (for years now) and the issue has yet to be addressed. Again, this has little to no impact on users who just want their player to play whatever they throw it with no hassles and have no interest in digging around in the guts of the app.

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Best player I found in the past XX years

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best player I found in the past XX years (perfectly running on win7). it's fast, beautiful (large number of skins), easy to use, and plays everything (for me)
I have it always on my flash drive (no need for windows registry - settings can be stored to a file).
footprint normally is half of Windows Media Player (actually on load KPM - 3Mb; WMP - 15Mb; but the gap might be smaller with the large files such I've seen: 8GB mov file in KMP - 30Mb, and WMP - 50Mb).
KPM has all the features I can think of (filters/textures/rendering). btw, I am not an advance user, so my knowledge of features are very limited, therefore the features I currently use: capturing for audio and/or video; playback device settings can be set independently from windows; allows to adjust audio interdependently from video (I use if audio out of synch); subtitles settings... etc).
if you are a fun of Winamp, KMP also supports the Winamp plugins (media library plugins/visualizations/..?...).
if there is better player, with a similar set of features, please let me know.


Only the KMPlayer can play TS-files without conversion.

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Only with the KMPlayer direct playing of TS-files of the Technisat “DigiCorder HD K2” is possible in Windows (XP, Vista 32+64bit) without file-transformation, which is not possible with Windows Media Player and not possible with the VLC player.

i need this plug in
what do i do?

KMPlayer ist not a PlugIn, it is an application. You must download KMPlayer from and install the program.