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Handy Start Menu: very good, unique, innovative & useful

Positive Review by em4020
about Handy Start Menu Aug 2012

The idea of Handy Start Menu is very good, unique, innovative and useful.

My proposals for this promising new software:

  • The UI should be available also in German.
  • I cannot move some folders with links to another "Handy Start Menu" category.
    This should be improved.

Restriction in Handy Start Menu V 1.7 in Vista business 64bit:

![Restriction in Handy Start Menu V 1.7 in Vista business 64bit](http://i.imgur.com/P3qpc.png )

It is denied to move the existing folder (from the time before installing Handy Start Menu) "+CD.DVD" to the Handy-Start-Menu-Category=Folder "Connect".

Delete the old folder "+Con" after moving "+CD.DVD" to the Handy-Start-Menu-Category=Folder "Connect".