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Great Open Source App 1 Helpful

Review by ACoolUsername
about Telegram Jul 2016

All their clients are open source ( ), their protocol is open to check ( ) and they have security contests for specialists. 10 of 10.

Cannot understand why people still use Google, Whatsapp, Facebook and other stuff...


Better than other app -2 Helpful

Positive Review by martinligabue
about Telegram Jun 2016

This is the first app I know it's simply to use and secure, they are the only who never sold any information to the governement, so I like this app


Secure?! ... yeah,yeah of course it is

Negative Review by igenn
about Telegram Mar 2016
  • You must register with your phone number! -security on top isn't it, that's the real anonymity.If you are so clever do it.
  • Your messages stored in the cloud! - surely not for further possible use,oh no,surely not.They have the key to decrypt it do not forget that.Everything is for sale nowadays.

I do not buy this open-source joke. The application might open source but you don't even see what is going on at the server-side with this cloud bull-$h1T.

Remember, servers can store messages and that does not matter if you delete them on the user-side or not.They are stored in a file named with your phone number and can be searched/filtered for keywords. Do not get fooled with these self-destructing lies either.

If you want real privacy look for PGP supported applications ( [Psi+](Small Psi+ iconPsi+) for XMPP/Jabber account & e-mail: [Enigmail](Small Enigmail iconEnigmail)+[Thunderbird](Small Thunderbird iconThunderbird) or Seamonkey ) and avoid from these mass-media supported fake ones!

At least do your research about 'self-made servers' ([Prosody](Small Prosody iconProsody),openfire etc), self-signed certificates (free,the key is yours) and about GPG/PGP ([GPG4win](Small GPG4Win iconGPG4Win) ,GnuPG) if you had enough of them.
They think you are too dumb for these ("high-tech hacker rocket-science stuff" some think) that's why you use their backdoored rubbish. Or are you?


fake comments -2 Helpful

Negative Review by jsmiii
about Telegram Jan 2016

This app is spamming with fake comments, for example on Skype App page.


Don't bother with Telegram if you're serious about security

Negative Review by NipponBill
about Telegram Jul 2014

"To sum it up: avoid at all costs. There are no new ideas, and they add their flawed homegrown mix of RSA, AES-IGE, plain SHA1 integrity verification, MAC-Then-Encrypt, and a custom KDF."

"Telegram’s crypto is bad, and it needs to be scrapped. I know it’s tough to throw away all of that work, but if they want to build a trustworthy product, it’s what they need to do. Their protocol is already too complex to analyze (let alone prove secure), and adding band-aid fixes is only going to make it worse."
"They should switch to an existing well-studied protocol like the one used by TextSecure."
"They need to bring in a real cryptographer to audit their design (and design process), and they need to make sure the programmers they’ve hired are qualified to write crypto code (most programmers are not)."

Just get yourself Threema: