TeamViewer Reviews

Makes it easier

Positive Review by justscream6
about TeamViewer Jan 2017

I love this stuff: it's a really easy way to get a quick access to the needed PCs remotely.
Never experienced technical issues. Right on!


Dirty rip-off bastards!

Negative Review by ITSecMedia
about TeamViewer Oct 2016

I bought a commercial license for 1000 EUR - stay away from them as far as you can, they rip you off"


Security nightmare, tens of thousands hacked. Avoid like the plague! 1 Helpful

Negative Review by scottrfrost
about TeamViewer Jun 2016

I've been telling everyone to get rid of this app and move on to something else. Definitely do not install it and uninstall it if you have it already installed!

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Go-To For Providing Support

Positive Review by hankthetankitguy
about TeamViewer Apr 2016

When it comes to providing support for my clients, I like that TeamViewer is seamless in how it allows me to see and take over a system. I've been able to recover most issues my customers have with this software.


TeamViewer for file sharing between host and VM -1 Helpful

Positive Review by kaiwiapa
about TeamViewer Mar 2016

We looked high and low for a tool to share files over the Internet and finally found TeamViewer. Had some sticker shock over the pricing, but then learned that you can install or run TeamViewer for non-commercial applications. Ok, great. Works well for now. Hope they do not change their licensing. I do not have many hundreds or even thousands of dollars for this sort of thing. I could just use FTP or something rather than paying such big bucks.


Pretty Much essential -1 Helpful

Positive Review by TonyTheTiger
about TeamViewer Feb 2016

I've been using TeamViewer for a while now, transitioned over from Join.Me. Glad I made the transition as TeamViewer is very easy for both myself and my clients.


Best free tool out there

Positive Review by nowshad78
about TeamViewer Feb 2016

Don't know about the paid version, but as far as 1-1 PC communication is concerned, Team Viewer wins all, hands down. Extremely easy to use, clean and simple interface, makes it very easy to instruct people who are not very computer savvy or used to using PCs (ie. my mother). Whenever I have to fix a problem on her PC this is the easiest way out.


Very Simple Tool For Those IT Admins

Positive Review by BloodyBogart
about TeamViewer Feb 2016

I have a few clients spread out over the UK. So I don't have time to visit their sites every time something breaks. I like Team Viewer because it gives both parties the clarity of seeing the full picture of the situation. No more asking people for details and them giving you wrong info!


Can't stand the licensing 1 Helpful

Negative Review by makeabig
about TeamViewer Dec 2015

Once you license, you are "forced" to upgrade to any newer version, regardless whether you need the new "features".

Problem is that if other users updated to the new version, you cant connect anymore to them with your older license.

We will not support this anymore.


installed used for 2 days and removed 1 Helpful

Negative Review by jasonclark
about TeamViewer Aug 2015

never again... foget this software, i was using it to remote control another pc at my job, after 2 hours it just shuts down, even if i leave it running with no connection, ex, i run today and tomorrow it appears offline but the service is still running, oh and the whole run in wine and say you support linux is bs, either make a linux version or dont.

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Saves my life

Positive Review by mattlovato
about TeamViewer Jun 2015

Ugh. My parents are always in need of IT help and never fail to call me to say "it doesn't work". Instead of making them describe exactly what that means, I'm like Nick the Computer Guy. Get out of the way mom and dad, give me your id and password and I'll fix it. This app makes that as easy as possible. A life saver.


Good but kind of creepy 1 Helpful

Negative Review by ki4jgt
about TeamViewer May 2015

The software is good but there's this constant background process which you must disable manually. It's NOT b/c the application sits in the system tray. There is literally a background process that starts and stops every few seconds (even when the program isn't running itself) Don't see the need. Makes me feel like I'm being spied on.


waht would I do without this

Positive Review by walterokane
about TeamViewer Apr 2015

Best app for remoting


App is (was?) good, company making it run by idiots. 1 Helpful

Negative Review by Teo
about TeamViewer Oct 2014

Previously, I gave this app a positive review. Now I'm very unhappy with it. Scroll pass the stricken text to read why. I recommend Anydesk as a replacement.

It really doesn't get better than this for ease of use. They even have a portable version, no installation or account required, thought there are benefits to using an account. Optional free VPN too.

Commercial use isn't free, and I noticed it is somewhat inefficient on system resource usage, but you can't have everything (not for free anyway).

The one issue I have with Teamviewer is the seemingly arbitrary limitations when using certain modes. When remote controlling my laptop, I can transfer files of any imaginable size. When using meeting mode, I run into really small max file size limits, like you used to see in web based email back in the 1990's...No explanation is provided for why you can't do that in just this mode and not the other, you are just told the file larger than the puny size limit. As result I and my friends just don't bother with the meeting feature, we just use the remote feature and then don't actually remote control each other.

Their update feature now will update you to beta version. No warning about it being beta is given, no ability to opt out of beta. If you update when prompted, if the "latest" version is in beta then you will get a beta version. I shouldn't have to explain why this is a horrible practice but their support thinks this is perfectly ok and if you don't like it you should turn off update notices and use an old version.

Its perfectly ok they argue, because you can turn that option on and off so therefor you chose to update to the beta. What the f*ck?

Their latest version also changed the chat interface, which wasn't perfect but the new version takes away the ability to resize the text. I'm visions impaired, and now I can't see the text at all. Teamviewers official response to that problem? Use an old version, our users feedback indicated our users wanted a new chat interface so to bad for you....This is now yet another abomination trying to look like a cell phone with those effing bubbles/blocks.