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Universelles, zuverlässiges Tool für Cloud-Nutzung, Sync und Backup für alle gängigen OS

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Ich nutze TeamDrive seit über einem Jahr und es hat sich als sehr zuverlässig erwiesen, eingesetzt auf Geräten unter Windows 10, Android 4-6, iOS 9.x und OS X 10.11.x

Für mein Anwendungsszenario waren folgende Pluspunkte entscheidend:

  • Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung
  • Nutzung von beliebigem Cloud-Speicher per WebDAV
  • Gleichzeitige Nutzung mehrerer Storage-Anbieter möglich
  • Automatische Synchronisierung zwischen verschiedenen Geräten
  • Mobilzugriff über Apps
  • Nutzbar als Cloud-Backup-Tool
  • Automatische Versionierung

Es gibt noch weitere Funktionen wie Freigaben, Benachrichtigungen etc., die ich jedoch als Privatanwender nicht nutze.
Die Nutzung ist für Privatanwender kostenlos, es muss jedoch einmal pro Tag die Privatnutzung per Klick bestätigt werden.


TeamDrive has best features, especially for those who modify synced files

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Here's what I look for in a syncing tool:

  • sync of multiple, user-specified directories
  • automatic sync triggering when files are changed
  • conflict detection
  • versioning
  • sync of external drives
  • end-to-end encryption
  • able to sync read-only files

I use TeamDrive 3 because it is the only application I've found that meets these requirements, and I have looked at many (see below).


The main problem with other tools is the lack of conflict detection and versioning features. If all you want to do is synchronize the creation and deletion of files (pictures for example), then many syncing tools will work for you. But if you modify files and want to keep them in sync, then most tools fall flat. When files are modified, there is always the possibility that multiple users (or multiple computers of a single user) will simultaneously open the same file and edit it. Many syncing tools simply overwrite the shared version whenever a user closes it. This means that if multiple users open a file simultaneously, all changes are lost except those from the last user to close the file. That's a recipe for losing huge amounts of work! It amazes me that so many people are willing to live with this kind of problem. TeamDrive does it right -- triggers syncing whenever you write a file, and keeps all the modified versions. It alerts you immediately to any conflict with an on-screen notification box. Then you can inspect the conflicting versions and do any needed merging.

Dropbox marks conflicted versions, but doesn't notify you that a conflict has occurred. That really doesn't solve the problem.


This may sound like a strange requirement. It is on my list because I sync some encrypted files, and many encryption programs automatically mark encrypted files as read-only.


TeamDrive has many additional strong features that others have commented on. I would just add that TeamDrive has a better manual than most.

Here are the other programs I looked at, and in some cases, tried out:

  • Dropbox
  • SpiderOak
  • SugarSync
  • CX
  • CloudMe
  • DirSync Pro
  • OneSync
  • iFolder
  • Synkron
  • Areca
  • iomega
  • JungleDisk
  • iBackup
  • Replicator
  • Allway Sync
  • BatchSync
  • BestSync
  • Cubby
  • FreeFileSync
  • GoodSync
  • Insync
  • ownCloud
  • qFileSync
  • Stash
  • SyncBack
  • syncplicity
  • TreeComp
  • vuBrief
  • Wuala

AAA+ TopTool!

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I love TD.
It´s fast, feels secure, and i like the fact that my data is stored in the EU^^
I can easily create a cloud-folder, encrypt & upload my files to it.
Later download them from everywhere via Windows/Linux/Andriod/IOS (there´s also a portable Version), while they are decrypted when they have reached my HDD!
Also i can invite friends/create groups (which i can admin) for easy/secure sharing of my/our work
or just parts of it.
Another great feature is the possibility to setup and run my own TD-Server!.
That´s all i want. My data, just for me (or people i add).

The free version comes with 2GB free space, for diect use.


Security Comparison: TeamDrive vs. ownCloud

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Dropbox polarized within the IT departments. From the executive board up to the ordinary employees, people rely on the popular cloud storage service. This is mainly due to the ease of use that is not provided by internal IT departments today. In particular two in Germany developed solutions attack here, which allow companies to implement their own DropBox similar functions within a self-managed IT infrastructure, TeamDrive and ownCloud. TeamDrive represents a fully commercial and proprietary approach. ownCloud an open source approach, but also offers a commercial version. Both claim the title of “Dropbox for the Enterprise”. However, if we are moving exactly in this environment, the issue of security plays a very important role.

Here is the original review

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DropBox, SpiderOak, SugarSync & and TeamDrive with WebDAV

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Comparison of DropBox, SpiderOak, SugarSync and TeamDrive with WebDAV

Which of the 4 free Online-Folder-Synchronisation-Services is the best for a user, depends on the user-requirements.

I have made a detailed comparison of the most important differences:


25GB free WebDAV-storage with AnyClient or TeamDrive

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The biggest free WebDAV-storage (25GB) accessable with AnyClient and TeamDrive is Mediencenter from

Thanks to Detlef for his correct information. I have seen, that it is possible to choose the folder location when accepting an invitation. This fact and the following 25GB free WebDAV storage make TeamDrive combined with Mediencenter to one of the best and most flexible online syncing services I know:
If you speak german or you can translate the following german site, you can use this unique offer: .
You can also access your files from your iPhone or Android or Windows Phone 7 mobile device with Mediencenter.
For mounting the 25GB as a network drive it is necessary to download and install a little application or mount in Windows as a network drive .
To be sure, that your computer will not be slower with a WebDAV-network-drive it is better to use WebDAV-Drives with the very good portable syncing app Teamdrive, see (2) and download from (3).

(1) Small AnyClient iconAnyClient

(2) Small TeamDrive iconTeamDrive



Not easy to choose the folder-location when invitated

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It is not easy to choose the folder-location when accepting an folder-sync-invitation!

That the initiator of a shared space can select any local directory as a shared space in an easy way, is an advantage over dropbox.
However: Only for the creator it is easy to choose the directory of the shared space free. Those, who accept an invitation to get the shared space, can choose the folder only very complicated, where the space will be synced to: generally a new subfolder is created automatically in the "TeamDrive Spaces" shared folder and the invited person can not place it free on the hard disk. This is a disadvantage compared with SugarSync, or SpiderOak, which however are not available as a portable version as TeamDrive is.
One can indeed help with symbolic links (SymLinks or SoftLinks), even on Windows, but it has some drawbacks and is not easy to use. Therefore, the request to the Team Drive developers: Please provide a dialogue for choosing the folder-location when accepting an folder-sync-invitation! As long as TeamDrive has no solution for this problem I must use Synkron [1] (free and portable) to sync the subfolders of "TeamDrive Spaces" to a selectable folder.

[1] Small Synkron iconSynkron


Difference between TeamDrive, Dropbox and SugarSync

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Advantages of TeamDrive:

  • TD: Data are already encrypted before they are uploaded and the encryption key stays with you.
  • TD+SS: You can synchronise existing folders and configure synchronisation specifically for individual folders (DropBox: only 1 folder).
  • Only TD: You can set the access rights for each folder, too and you can run your own Teamdrive Personal server free up to 10GB (more comfortable than a FTP server) or use a WebDAV server.
  • Free TeamDrive Online Storage 2GB + 250MB for each invited friend up to 8GB free.
  • Portable versions from the developer existing for TD and DB , not for SS.

Disadvantages of TeamDrive

  • Uninstalling-procedure of V 2.1.095 not OK: With the"Internal Error 2739" during the uninstalling of TD the files jscript.dll and vbscript.dll must be registered by hand, see .
  • TD desktop windows version 2.1.095 could not manage the Proxy Server internet connection in a company network, in which there was a working proxy server connection with SS and DB with no problems. I did not test this bad behaviour with the new TD version 2.4.050 from Apr.2011.
    Download TeamDrive:

Download of the portable TeamDrive for Windows or the desktop version for Windows, Linux or MAC OS X
With 2.25 GB instead of only 2 GB free online storage.