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Comment by carlosrebolledoaguirre
about Redbooth · Jul 2017 ·

Redbooth es un excelente gestos de tareas y proyectos en equipo, mejorando la colaboración y productividad. Excelnete interfaz y mejor fluidez. Por precio y características es mejor que Wrike, lo más parecido a Redbooth


Really happy with the new project management capabilities in Redbooth

about Redbooth · ·

After using Redbooth off an on for a while, it seems like they have really been focusing on adding intuitive project management functionality lately. My team tried Basecamp and Asana and we were overwhelmed with the volume of email generated by status updates in those systems. We were also frustrated by the lack of any Gantt chart capability in those solutions-- when we plan events or product launches, we want to be able to visually see the project timeline and task dependencies. We decided to standardize on Redbooth once they added an integrated Gantt chart-- now we can easily switch between a Kanban task list and Gantt chart and everything stays in sync. Also, my team loves their new feature to assign tasks to multiple users which we use to track task approvals across multiple reviewers.