Tasker Reviews

unacceptable: tasker will not accept payment outside google play store

Negative Review by KillAdwareDevelopers
about Tasker Apr 2016

If you cannot use google play store you will not be able to buy a license.



The top Android App

Positive Review by markdixon
about Tasker Feb 2015

This is the one piece of software that I install on all my Android devices and the first thing I install after a factory reset. On it's own it's amazing, add some 3rd party tools and plugins and it gets even better.
Cannot recommend this enough.
I use it to manage my Wifi, sound levels, bluetooth connections and now thanks to a plugin, it will open Spotify, go to my playlist and shuffle-play it for me!

[Edited by markdixon, February 21]


Too expensive and doesn't work

Negative Review by Jasmine25
about Tasker Jun 2013

I couldn't get Tasker to work on my phone and it is $9.9. Way too expensive for something that doesn't work.


Full of bugs!

Negative Review by TimBlowdan
about Tasker and Smart Volume Control+ Jun 2013

I tried this app for a week and it slowed down my Nexus like crazy! It forced my Nexus to shut down a couple of times within that week too.

I switched to Smart Volume Control.