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Task Coach can manage composite tasks, RTM cannot

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Task Coach can manage composite tasks, RTM cannot

Until now I used Remember The Milk for tasks used on more than one computer. RTM is able to sync the tasks from the private and the jobs computer about the internet. Since I know Task Coach [1], my new favorite task application is Task Coach, because it can manage hierarchical tasks and can add notes and files to tasks and sub-tasks. The synchronizing of tasks is also possible by installing the portable version of task coach in a folder which I sync with Sugar Sync [1] about all my used computers. Each task in Task Coach can be assigned to a category. In difference to RTM all categories can be structured hierarchical as the tasks itself, and it is very comfortable to filter / find tasks by clicking the categories. Since SugarSync has now 5 GB free storage at the beginning and you can sync unlimited devices (instead of max.2 until Oct.2010), it is no longer necessary, that the task-app itself has an online storgage as RTM has, the task-app must only be availbale as a portable app as Task Coach is. SugarSync Registration Link for syncing Task Coach on unlimited devices with 5GB online storage, see [1].

[1] SugarSync-Registration for 5GB: http://is.gd/hAAfvC