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Forget it if you need to type accented letters

Negative Review by danielmunoz
about Synergy 12 days ago

Forget it if you need to type accented letters like á é í ó ú. If you type "quickly" it does not work, even on the host computer.

Also, as others said, this software is very buggy. Do not buy.


Massively buggy

Negative Review by Stugol
about Synergy Apr 2017

I've used Synergy on and off for over 15 years, so when I say "it's a buggy piece of crud and always has been", I know whereof I speak.

There are fully FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY FOUR current unfixed bugs showing on Synergy's Github page, many of which have languished untouched for several months.

Don't waste your time. Especially on a Mac.

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delete me

Review by canislupus01
about Synergy May 2016


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Hijacked Open source project - No open source anymore

Negative Review by makeabig
about Synergy Dec 2015

This is insane. It launched as an open source project, then AFAIK someone grabbed it and made it closed source and payware. I cant imagine that this is allowed by open source licensing?!