Swift To-Do List Reviews

All I want to say about STDL - The BEST AVAILABLE.

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I don't want to talk about the various features available with this software - because you can find them in software's website.

I want to convey to whoever is reading this - this one software that has transformed my life like anything. All my random thoughts - all my pending works - all wish lists - anything at all - in one place, arranged in a branch structured well organized manner - fully customizable to the core. No guys, am not talking about some vague dream. This is what this software has provuded me with.

I have tried many softwares out there, Lost precious times, sometimes procrastinated by testing them out and then finally uninstalled all of them. But this one has been with me - for more than 2 years.

It helped when I was a student - Organizing various deadlines and tasks.
It helped when I was serving as a team lead - by tracking various tasks I had assigned and also the projects I was involved with. Follow up with various tasks has never been easier.

It is still helping me in my personal management - setting goals and following them, tracking my own progress in each area and also giving me a bird's eye of every aspect of my life.

If this is not enough- about the developer- Jiri. One of the best people I have communicated with - Polite, patient, understanding and generous. Unlike most of the commercial developers - who are in most case money-minded and business oriented, this humble person has many touched many lives in a different way, earning respect all throughout - through his inspiring blog posts, motivating newsletters and messages.

Wishing the best for the man behind the initiative and all his initiatives.

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