Survey Anyplace Reviews

A great team to work with

Positive Review by Graffino
about Survey Anyplace Jun 2016

We've been in touch with Survey Anyplace for over a year now. Since then, they were always preoccupied in investing in the future, developing the platform and keeping the surveys easy and simple for the users. They always come up with new and exciting ideas and if you need a custom survey, they will make sure it fits your needs.


Great software, easy to use!

Positive Review by petervankeer
about Survey Anyplace May 2016

I've used several survey applications before, but when I discovered Surveyanyplace I was pretty amazed. The application is extremely user friendly, yet packed with lots of functions! The surveys are also highly customizable design related, which is an absolute must in my opinion (as a digital marketeer)!
So far I used Surveyanyplace to get exhibition visitors to signup for app testing and to collect personal data. Everything went as espected. I'm eager to use it more often!

Pros: highly customizable, great user experience, good value for money

Neg: so far, only some very small improvements can be made (UX wise).

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evaluation Survey Anyplace app

Positive Review by BertVerleyen
about Survey Anyplace Nov 2015

It's an amazing app : the way you can make fun and attractive surveys and quizzes is fantastic.
The content is attractive as well.
I used the Survey Anyplace app for my thesis and i have to say it's so easy and nice to get a good feedback from the survey I made. You don't have to do a lot to get the responses and results from your survey. You can see them in a graphic. You can just look any time any moment to the responses you got already.
And you don't have to download an app for it. Survey Anyplace just made sure the app adjusts to the resolution of your smartphone or tablet.

It's totally worth to use especially for the design and feedback.


Very nice platform to get customer feedback

Positive Review by Joachim_V
about Survey Anyplace Oct 2015

We have been using Survey Anyplace for quite some time now (9 months) and I must say we are very pleased with the platform. The best thing about it is that the look & feel is really fun and engaging for the customers.We have compared a lot of platforms and we choose this one, specially for the look & feel of the app. The teamm, and especially Mark who I have most of my contacts with, is very supportive and helpful to think together with you. It's not only a platform, it's a deticated team that thinks together with you to make the most out of your survey.