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miner.exe parasite

Negative Review by naxa
about SuperCopier Jun 2013

this program sadly utilizes a miner.exe. First I thought it's mine bitcoin service, but looking at it with process explorer (Small Process Explorer iconProcess Explorer) it become clear that it is for supercopier. I became very angry. This program used my CPU to make money for it's creator via bitcoins. It was totally unclear to me, I do NOT remember that I was specifically asked permission to allow this! And I do not want this!
My machine became exceptionally sluggish. miner.exe was using ~90% of my CPU.
Effectively the author of supercopier was stealing my power that I need to pay the checks for.
And also providing me a frustrated experience with my computer.

After this, I cannot trust this program. Did it leave any extra virus? Did it maybe install keyloggers? Who knows!


The best

Positive Review by Clem
about SuperCopier and Ultracopier, TeraCopy Oct 2012

Not updated since 3 years, he stay the best windows copy-manager replacement.

  • TeraCopy and some other don't have system integration (ctrl+c / ctrl+v intercepting)
  • ultracopier is too unstable.

thanks a lot to GliGli & Zeus, its creator.