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SAS Security Certificate has lapsed ... not a good look for a security company uses an invalid security certificate.
The certificate expired on 19-08-17 4:35 AM. The current time is 21-08-17 12:23 PM.
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home page is blocked by my browser, I wonder how long SAS has been neglected ?

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because in hope of doing so, I might be able to download the software.


Not perfect

My wife had extremely infected computers and this tool did little to improve the situation. It found some of the malware but was not successful in restoring the system to a working state. Honestly, I'm not sure any of these tools could. I also ran Spybot and it found several other pieces of malware but it too was not able to get the system back to fully operational. But it does have some nice features that SuperAntiSpyware doesn't, like Immunization. Will probably switch to that.