Syncovery Reviews

Syncovery will do what you want

Positive Review by kr37
about Syncovery Jan 2014

I've been using Syncovery for 2+ years to make my own SuperDropbox using a tonidoplug. I call it SuperDropbox, because it grabs folders from all over, and uploads in real-time.

There are a ton of backup and sync packages out there. Syncovery is not the simplest, but that's because it allows you to set EVERY feature. Without any tweaks it is easy enough to 1)backup, 2)mirror, 3)two-way sync, 4)move. But with a little more effort, there can be so many different nuances to the way you can sync, and Syncovery seems to have thought of them all. And out of the box it will connect to Amazon S3, Google Drive, Skydrive, etc.


The best I found

Positive Review by CrouZ
about Syncovery Jul 2012

After having tried a whole lot of both free and commercial tools for backup I had finally realized which requirements I really had on a backup tool, and this one was the only one I found which satisfied all of them, e.g. VSS, support for move and rename, and partial file changes to name a few.

As the same suggests it is very customizable, with many settings, enabling you to get it to work exactly the way you want it to.

If you are sick and tired of the shortcomings of your current backup tool, I warmly recommend trying the evaluation version of this one!