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It is not what it is used to be

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I remember using this software long time ago, I would say somewhere about 10 years ago. It is a really effective software at the time with a lot of options to set it up and which one I want to convert it to. I am looking for converter that would insert the .srt file in the video file. I installed SUPER and it have a weird bundleware will keep bugging me to install additional "codec". I already cancelled it twice but somehow it got a hold of it and installed hijacker in my computer. Then I got a image of porn across the screen without any way of exiting it. So I have to force shut it down and go in safe mode to remove the hijacker through MalwareByte.


Nasty hidden adware bundled

about SUPER © and HandBrake · ·

I can't uninstall the adware, so I have to reset to a restore point or reformat my PC. It's not even a good converter. Use Handbrake.