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Why is sumo fm down?

Comment by shirleytipton
about Sumo Paint · Feb 2016 ·

What happened to sumo FM? why does it keep shutting down this time of yea is Sumo FM gone for ever??? I hope not I sure do miss it


Sumo fm

Comment by shirleytipton
about Sumo Paint · Jan 2015 ·

sumo fm is down is it ever going to get fixed?

It has been down for far too long, I wish the administrators would do something about it.

Do you or know any one who can get a hold of the administrators?

Oh, I wish. I heard that one of the administrators has a separate website for photography. But I forgot what it was called. Perhaps if you do some digging you could find it, and contact them.


SumoPaint is in the top three best online image editing suite

about Sumo Paint · ·

Not only is Sumo an excellent online image editing suite but it can be used offline [after $20 USD purchase]. When I'm using an ancient system not GIMP-capable I almost always first try SumoPaint.

As I am an ardent proponent of adblocking I would be unlikely to see ads if there were any, but if there are ads they are not placed such that they would hamper functionality.

[you might be pleased with Privoxy for some of your privacy needs. It is an actual freeware loop back proxy capable of page manipulation prior to interweb browser rendering which is very capable of adblocking]