Sumatra PDF Reviews

Great free and quick PDF reader 1 Helpful

Positive Review by pbfranon
about Sumatra PDF Jun 2016

This is a great PDF reader because:
1. Quick to install.
2. Quick to remove.
3. Doesn't leave data behind once deleted.
4. Quick to load up PDFs.
5. Not big to download.


Fast and clean

Positive Review by Essekeen
about Sumatra PDF May 2015

If you only need to read a pdf and are not thinking about doing editing of any sort, this pdf reader is the best out there.

It opens really fast, but what I like the most is that I can open the same document in two different windows. This is useful when you want to read some text about an image that's in another page. By opening the file in two different windows you can read the text while looking at the image.

Deleting the history in SumatraPDF may not appear user-friendly, because you have to go to Advanced Settings and then delete the lines about the FileStates, but once you learn how to do it it is very simple as well.

I strongly recommend.


Some good and some bad

Review by endolith
about Sumatra PDF and Evince, Okular Sep 2012


  • Open source
  • Starts quickly
  • Remembers your place in the document so you can read long documents without having to find your place each time
  • Opens both DjVu and PDF


  • Contains DRM: Restricts fair uses of "protected" PDFs like copying or printing. So you can't copy text to the clipboard for pasting into Google translate, saving to your notes, quoting in a paper, etc. It's really hypocritical for open-source software to have DRM. Standards should only be followed when they make sense. Restricting users' freedom does not make sense and is contrary to the purpose of the GPL.

    • This antifeature is optional in Okular and Evince, with Debian turning it off in their distros, but the SumatraPDF author refuses to even make it optional.

    • I figured out how to disable the DRM in the source code, but I don't want to maintain a fork. It should have never been included in the first place.

  • Opens multiple copies of the same file instead of bringing into focus the copy you already have open. (Can be good for comparing different parts of the document, but an explicit "split this off into another window" or split-screen view would be better for that)

Good viewer

Review by klo
about Sumatra PDF May 2012

This is excellent PDF viewer, but we should not forget that it's excellence is due to creators of MuPDF renderer, around which this lightweight GUI is build.

For other supported formats, I'd recommend dedicated viewers instead SumatraPDF


Best of three options tries

Positive Review by Superbest
about Sumatra PDF and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC , Foxit Reader Nov 2011

I tried Adobe's reader, Foxit, and Sumatra. Sumatra is the best.

Sumatra does everything that a sane person would expect from a pdf viewer, and nothing more. It is very lightweight and fast. It will get the job done just about every time.

A caveat is that I have encountered some pdfs with funny encoding, and they wouldn't display or print correctly (text showed up as boxes) in Sumatra. For those files, foxit never worked either, but Adobe Reader did, so keep it around (or keep it mind) for those occasions. Sumatra PDF is still the best default pdf viewer.