SugarSync Reviews

Intuitive online backup spoiled by awful network/system use

Review by musichemyst
about SugarSync and Dropbox, SpiderOak, Mozy Jan 2013

SugarSync is a real mixed bag. On one hand the service as a whole has some really intuitive features that would probably make it my #1 choice for an online backup solution. However, on the other hand, the way its client app (ab)uses and (mis)manages network bandwidth, drive access and CPU usage is so poor that it ranks amongst one of the biggest resources hogs of recent times. To put it in terms, SugarSync is often so poorly responsive bog down a system as badly (if not worse!) than, for example, running Firefox with 3-4 dozen extensions and 50-100 tabs open or, say, Photoshop loaded up with heavy duty extensions and a dozen huge ultra-high res projects open at once.

The last straw (for me) was the fact that it CONSTANTLY is syncing. After two weeks of usage it still hadn't fully upload the ~4 GB of files I had hand-picked as my backup essentials. Even files that hadn't been modified since I began using SugarSync keep appearing in the upload queue as if they had changed and needed to be synced with the online backup. The impact was significant enough that I noticed a big slow down in web browsing (page load times, etc.) and, upon closer inspection, my ratios on private torrent trackers were plummeting because SugarSync's endless and rampant syncing was crowding out my bittorrent client no matter how I tweaked the upload bandwidth throttling.

It's a shame because after trying a variety of online backup solutions -- including DropBox, Mozy, SpiderOak, Wuala and SkyDrive -- I found that SugarSync was the all around best in terms of features. The overall service is just implemented poorly though. If the syncing/bandwidth issues were resolves, I'd definitely give SugarSync another shot.


Always "Syncing"

Negative Review by HG
about SugarSync Aug 2012

Every single time I look at SugarSync... either on Mac or Windows it's "downloading" or "Uploading" although I wouldn't know what. Always need to restart the application for it to stop acting stupid.


Deleted all my music

Negative Review by quano
about SugarSync Jun 2012

I had a trial with this software, and when I realized it didn't have all the features I wanted, I decided to unsync all my folders. Bad idea. SugarSync deleted all my files locally too. So yea, cannot really recommend this to anyone.


Some features could be improved

Review by em4020
about SugarSync Jun 2011

SugarSync is the greatest application for synchronizing files between a PC & windows mobile. But some features could be improved:
In the window "Manage Sync Folders" SugarSync defined the consumed memory (max. 2 GB free) 2 x as high as actually to see: The sum of all files in "Manage Sync Folders" was 975 MB. 1.86 GB were shown however. Request: “You are close to exceeding your storage limit”. At my 1st view that seemed to be a wrong message! I missed a table of storage consumption in each folder in "Manage Sync Folders", which should be added up correctly to a sum:
After a few days I have seen, that the memory overloading was reduced after final deleting of the deleted files in "SugarSync File Manager".
My request or proposals, therefore, to SugarSync:
(A) Simultaneously with the warning about the danger of exceeding the 2GB storage limit, please inform : "Occupation by deleted files: ddd MB"
(B) In the window "Manage Sync Folders" AND "SugarSync File Manager" please create a permanent additional information about the memory consumption of the deleted files:
Now You see: "Storage uuu MB used, f.ff GB free"; additional it would help to see in a second line: "Occupation by the deleted files: ddd MB"
(C) In "Preferences - General":
Please Create configurable Limitation of deleted files to max. 10% of storage limit !
(D) It would be fine: add german as 4th language to chinese, english and spanish.