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Mirror Structure

Comment by gdsst
about SugarSync · Oct 2014 ·

I love how sugarsync can mirror my smartphone album folder structure. Is there any alternatives that can do the same?


SugarSync free service to end

Comment by s_ktt
about SugarSync · Dec 2013 ·

SugarSync has dropped its "freemium" business model and will transition to a paid-only service by February 2014.

Bad news~


Test the Win8 App

about SugarSync · ·

I think thats the best win8 app, from cloud services.
I think that is useless a single browser like Dropbox, now SugarSync enables interactivity with the win8 app
and now you can check the file direct from cloud, use it, modify it, and save it direct to cloud, without the need of the classic sugarsync service installed on your win8. Just Perfect
Again one awesome innovation from SugarSync.

Sorry for my bad english!

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referral link

about SugarSync · ·

i don't believe the other guy, so i tell you the truth, with this link
we get 500mb each.
and yes I like sugarsync 2.0!

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No Linux Support!

Comment by wesf90
about SugarSync · Sep 2012 ·

SugarSync has lost a client here, simply because they refuse to support Linux!

There is no official Linux support. I read up on there forum that there is a 3rd party person doing a Linux client as a side project "Mark" it was I think was his name. But it truly is a shame to exclude Linux as a distribution, I do understand Linux has a smaller user base vs Windows or Mac. But still Linux has large developers user base which benefit from file storage services like SugarSync, but SugarSync lost this war to Dropbox which is truly cross platform.



Comment by User6932286
about SugarSync · Apr 2012 ·

You can sign up on SugarSync using the following link to get extra 5000MB (10GB) space, enough for 5-10 movies:



Comment by SergeyIvanov
about SugarSync · Feb 2012 ·

I used SugarSync but I don't want to use it any more. I use best crypt and made encrypted container. I mount it as a disk Z:\ and sync with the help of SugarSync. Once upon a time, while working, my computer was suddenly rebooted. When windows loaded again and I mounted disk Z- it was EMPTY!!! I was shocked!!!! I went through web interface to sugarsync and found that all of my files were in "deleted" folder! The problem is that you can't restore them by a couple of clicks to the folders where they were stored formerly. You must do a huge job with each file. You can imagine how "easy" it' to do when you have over 20000 files. I warned their support but without results. Nonetheless I've made this job!!! When a couple of weeks my computer was rebooted again and I saw the same picture I refused SugarSync...


Sugarsync client (for windows) is bad !!!

about SugarSync · ·

Sugarsync client for windows is awful !

This soft cause my system (Windows 7 SP1) BSOD (blue screen of death) when I exit the program or reboot my system !


Just Magic ! *5 Go free into the cloud*

about SugarSync and SpiderOak · ·

After 5 month using Sugarsync for personnal and professionnal use :

Easy to set up. Just install and forget it ! All job is done while you're working on files or folder.

Easy share (read only or collaborate !) and easy backup ! (it saved lots of hours 3 times with file version system).

With the referral program you can earn 500 Mo for the free plan and more for paid plans...

Android, Mac, iOS, Win7... access my data everywhere... so cloud, so magic !

My preferred with Spideroak :-)

about SugarSync · ·

It has problems with file update and refreshing and can cause system reboots with BSOD-like screen blink on closing.
Stupid bird.

Comment by DanielWoolnough
about SugarSync · Jun 2011 ·

note to em4020: i think you must work for this SpiderOak the way you go on about it.

Being an avid dropbox user, finding sugarsync was probabbly the best move ever.

To clarify, You get 5gb free with sugarsync and 250mb for completing the getting started, and currently 500mb for every refferal sign-up. and im sure if you sign up usign a referal link, i didnt, you get an extra 500mb also.


Exclude folders and files from synchronisation

Comment by em4020
about SugarSync and SpiderOak · Jun 2011 ·

You cannot make a blacklist for each folder, what files should not be synced
This is a disadvantage of SugarSync in comparison with SpiderOak.
In SugarSync you can only exclude complete subfolders from synchronisation.
In SpiderOak you can (a) generally exclude files specified by wildcards and (b) different for each folder:
In SugarSync you cannot excude the files SyncToy.dat, .synkr, WebSynTh.xml, deskto.ini from synchronisation.


Only Online-Folder-Sync, no LAN-Sync

about SugarSync and Dropbox, SpiderOak · ·

In difference to SpiderOak or DropBox, SugarSync can only Online-Folder-Sync, no LAN-Sync
I use virtual machines (VDMK, VHD) stored on quick USB3.0-connected SSD-harddisks.
If this SSD-disk is connected with my home-PC I want to synchronize certain folders about LAN-sync.
If this SSD-disk is not connected with my home-PC, I want to synchronize certain folders about internet.
With SpiderOak I can do a triangle-sync for folders: online-folderhome-pc-folderSSD-folder. Automatically the quickest accessable folder will be synced. With SugarSync at presence this is not possible, because you only can do online-folder-syncs.
I suggest to implement LAN-sync as a new and very useful feature for next SugarSync-versions.
With DropBox you theoretically can do LAN-syncs, but this function is not transparent enough to be sure, that it really works.

about SugarSync and Dropbox · ·

Switched from paid Dropbox to paid SugarSync, and I'm not looking back :)