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Sudoku HD for iPad

Play world’s most popular brain game on your iPad and Mac and enjoy all the best features you can’t...

  • Mac OS X
  • iPad

Play world’s most popular brain game on your iPad and Mac and enjoy all the best features you can’t get anywhere else – thousands of grid designs, four difficulty levels, extensive statistics, Undo & Redo, Auto-Save, Auto-Correct, Auto-Fill hints and more...


– Unlimited playtime with thousands of grid designs
– Impressive realistic interface with two layouts to choose from
– Multitasking support (listen to your own music while playing)
– Four levels of difficulty – from Easy to Insane
– Smooth and clever annotations system
– Undo & Redo functions
– Next-gen features such as Auto-Correct, Auto-Fill and Number Highlight
– Can’t finish your own paper Sudoku? Fill it in and Sudoku HD app will solve it for you
– Statistics – track your best times for each one of difficulty levels
– Auto Save function – leave the game and then get right back to your last move
– Works both in portrait and landscape orientation More Info »




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Sudoku HD for iPad (sometimes referred to as Sudoku HD, Sudoku Deluxe) was added by Venom88 in Aug 2012 and the lastest update was made in Nov 2014. There is a history of activites on Sudoku HD for iPad in our Change Log and Activity Log. It's possible to update the information on Sudoku HD for iPad or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. If you want a nice widget to put on your website check these out.
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    Commercial by Creaceed | iPhone, iPad

    Kuboku is a 3D sudoku game with a 8-position cube. You have to find all missing numbers in the cube. There are 1,000 levels of increasing difficulty (Easy, Normal, and Hard) in which more and more numbers are...

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    Free* by Juan Alba Maldonado | Mac, Windows, Linux, Web / Cloud, Android, iPhone, S60, HP webOS, Chrome OS, Android Tablet, Windows Phone, iPad, Blackberry 10, PlayBook, Chrome, Safari, Kindle Fire, Facebook, Firefox OS, Raspberry Pi, Opera, Chromium, Firefox

    Yasminoku is a sudoku game, generator and solver created by Joan Alba Maldonado on 25th of July 2006 which has been now improved. The new improved version (0.75a) comes with a better mobile devices support...

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    Open Source by Tin Benjamin Matuka | Linux

    A Sudoku game made with ncurses.

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    Planet Sudoku

    Free by Ivan | Web / Cloud

    Sudoku puzzles for kids to experts, including 9x9 Sudoku, Samurai Sudoku, 25x25 Sudoku, 4x4 Sudoku, 6x6 Sudoku, 8x8 Sudoku, 12x12 Sudoku, 16x16 Sudoku, 20x20 Sudoku, Multi 2 Sudoku, Multi 4 Sudoku, su Doku...

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    Open Source by Bernhard Hobiger | Mac, Windows, Linux

    HoDoKu is a sudoku helper written in Java and available in English and German. Generate sudokus in five different and fully configurable difficulty levels. Solve them yourself (with help from HoDoKu's hint...

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    Open Source by Roman Mašek | Android

    OpenSudoku is an open source sudoku game.

  • 1

    Color Sudoku

    Open Source by Petr Laštovicka | Windows

    Sudoku game with numbers, letters or colors. Board size can be from 4 to 20 (default size is 9). You can play many variants - Killer, Greater Than, Consecutive, Odd/Even, Diagonal, Samurai. This program...

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    Crazy Sudoku

    Free by FeetsTech | Android, Android Tablet

    Crazy Sudoku provides thousands of Sudoku puzzles of all difficulty levels. It has an intuitive touch screen interface for solving easy puzzles as well as extremely challenging ones not found anywhere else. ...

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    Minimal Sudoku

    Freemium by Christoph Lauterbach | iPhone, iPad

    Minimal Sudoku is an easy to use, clutter-free classic sudoku game which is designed for iOS 7. It's ad-free and offers different levels for everybody from casual gamers to addicted masters of sudoku. ...

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    Travel Sudoku

    Free | Android

    Travel Sudoku. For the sudoku fans on the move. Features of the Travel Sudoku: * Over 8000 puzzles. * 7 difficulty Levels. * (SPECIAL FEATURE) 17 clued sudoku puzzles ( hardest difficulty level, as a...

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    Freemium by Dynamics Forge | Android

    The popular logic puzzle game "Hitori" will be interesting for the players of any age. The aim of the game is to paint out some cells in such way that there are no duplicate numbers in any row or...

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    Open Source by Yair Even Or | Web / Cloud

    A Sudoku game written in Javascript & HTML5 using the Dancing Links algorithm. 6 difficulty levels, ability to save, add notes etc.

      Games   html5, sudoku

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    Sudoku HD+

    Free by Florian Letz | iPhone, iPad

    Sudoku HD+ is the best way to solve your favorite puzzles on the iPhone or the iPad! Thousands of sudokus! There are thousands of sudokus available right now. So you should not run out of puzzles to...

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