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In Beta V3 since ages!

about Sublime Text · · 2 Helpful

When do they release the FINAL V3 ?

The beta V3 are stable enough...


It's Just Amazing !

Comment by mustafanline
about Sublime Text · Jun 2016 · -2 Helpful

Super Fast, Perfecto, No Need For Alternative "XD


Just the best editor. EVER

about Sublime Text · · -1 Helpful

Superfast, easy to use and multiplattform. Perfect for code and edit simple texts.


was amazed untill

about Sublime Text · · -2 Helpful

i wanted to use Undo Redo and it did not work :(
hope there was some settings need to enable, found nothing


My favourite text editor

about Sublime Text and Notepad++ · ·

Crossplatform is awesome. Realy
PC at home, Mac Mini at work, all compare to Sublime Text.

Another great feature is height right bar. I can find typical moments in my lists.
Thanks for freeware


Lightweight and beatiful

about Sublime Text · ·

Also, after this one every other IDE will look horrid.


Best editor, though not free

about Sublime Text and Notepad++ · · 1 Helpful

Fast, a lot of plugins, no useless stuffs


Sublime - best editor

about Sublime Text · ·

Things I like at Sublime:
- supports plugins
- great color theme
- lightweight
- works on all platforms(linux, windows, mac)
- saves open tabs and restores them when opening sublime


Mis ojos

about Sublime Text · ·

Mis ojos adoran el color de la interfaz, simplemente perfecto.


I love this editor

Comment by SandeshDamkondwar
about Sublime Text · Jul 2014 ·

Features I love,
1. Multi cursor mode,
2. Package manager,
3. Instant file switching
4. Folder search

And lot of helpful plugins


Simply AweSomE !!

about Sublime Text and Vim, Notepad · ·

This is a kind of text editor I have been searching for months. Nice learing curve, it is simple as notepad and sophisticated as Vim at the same time..



Comment by Roby718
about Sublime Text · Apr 2013 · 1 Helpful

Saw "Free", then I saw "Purchase A License".

In part its still free. Just you will get the annoying purchase dialog here and there. But the software is rather free to use with no visible limitations. So "Purchase A License" is not a major concern. Aldo I love Sublime Text 3 I still think Notepad++ is much better do to the sole reason it has a build in FTP.



about Sublime Text · · -1 Helpful

Sublime Text Editor is awesome.

[Edited by Jackiii99, January 05]


Best text editor... ever.

about Sublime Text · · -1 Helpful

Incredibly efficient, with its plugins, multi-cursors editing, ultra configurable etc.

Try it, adopt it.