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Rich and user friendly subtitle downloader

Positive Review by michaelverhoeven
about Sublight May 2016

This a very good looking and easy to use peace of software.

After a quick install, select your preferred language(s) and simply drag and drop the video you want a subtitle for.
Alternatively, if already have a large video library you can batch edit entire folders and it will search and download the subtitles automatically.
Folders can be monitored and newly added files will receive their corresponding subtitle files without effort.

A big thumbs up for the user friendliness!!!


Great program

Positive Review by cmathis1634
about Sublight May 2015

Sublight is awesome! It finds all the movie subtitles that I throw at it! Hasn't failed me yet!


Avoid, payware.

Negative Review by laapsaap
about Sublight May 2015

You cant use it for free anymore, I uninstalled it.

[Edited by laapsaap, May 27]



Review by francescogilardoni
about Sublight May 2015

It is really the best!!!


to date, best subtitle downloader around...

Positive Review by faustus
about Sublight May 2015

i joined alternativeto in order to earn download points for premium sublight usage. this comment, however, is not required for the reward -- figured i might also give a heads up for those, who, like me absolutely cannot watch films without subs. i have always found it easier to process visual information over auditory information, to the point that i can no longer fully enjoy watching anything unless i have the subs.

several years ago, getting subs would involve this protracted process of downloading the srt file and when incorrectly synced, syncing them manually. very, very tedious stuff if you've ever done it the old-school method: sync the first and last scene of dialogue and fingers crossed that all dialogue has been corrected transcribed. if not, everything is out of sync just enough to make watching a mind-fuck and simply an unpleasant experience... sigh at times it'd take a good 30 minutes. to avoid this headache, i spend stupid amounts of time examining torrents to ensure they also came with srt files. LOL the number of times i misread the torrent and downloaded spanish-dubbed titles... first world problems bro!

since i came across sublight, it's made things a lot easier. just drag and drop the file into the application and it will parse the title from the filename and start searching. you can configure it to autoplay your film once the sub is downloaded.

in terms of the subtitles database: subs are available for ~98% of the things i'm looking for. when available, the subs are usually spot on. less than 5% of the time, they're horrendously transcribed, as though they were slapped together by a non-english speaking mute, and it simply makes watching unbearable. however, they're usually synced well. if not, they're usually the correct sub but off due to trailers, etc., and i can adjust in my media player pretty quickly. if subs are absent, they tend to be for indie films. it also has a few other nifty features, the most useful being batch downloading.

have tried most of the main alternatives and some more obscure options as well. i've stuck with it now for several years. if anyone can recommend anything better, would love to hear of it.


Great App..

Positive Review by aloudw
about Sublight Jan 2012

Good, simple and easy use..