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Only for programmers

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Being an advanced computer user is not enough in order to use this app. You also need the knowledge of a scripting language. If you don't have it, don't waste your time trying this app because the "developer" didn't bother to make it any easy or user friendly for you.


The best!

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This is the best and more powerful gesture app I have seen. The author is a genius.


Not the easiest to configure, but works the best and is the most stable

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While StrokesPlus requires at least a mild understand of coding to program commands, once you configure it the way you like, it runs perfectly: No .NET framework requirements. No crashing. Super-fast (it literally uses 1 MB of RAM or less). Very configurable. Excellent gesture recognition. Doesn't require administrative privileges to run.

I switched from JustGestures after JustGestures lost all my settings and started crashing randomly. JustGestures wins for ease-of-use, but that's all it has over StrokesPlus. StrokesPlus runs lighter, faster, has better gesture recognition, more options, the ability to add modifiers to gestures, etc.

StrokeIt can't compare to either one of these products.

I rate StrokesPlus 4/5 stars. The interface for programming gestures is great, but having to script commands (even simple ones like sending key combinations) seems a bit archaic to me. As someone who majored in computer science, I still found myself lost at times in their documentation. For instance, it never mentions that on the acSendKeys(keys) command, you need to put double quotation marks around the variables on the inside. So if you want to send "bob", you have to use acSendKeys("bob"). Omitting the quotation marks results in a somewhat confusing error. Also, a lot of the commands (like minimize window) require manually programming x,y coordinates. The way around this is to use acGetMouseLocationX(), acGetMouseLocationY() instead, but this should again be simpler to use.

That being said, it's extremely powerful once you understand how it works, and it works phenomenally. Simplifying the scripting end of it would easily boost the score to 5/5.

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