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The suite of applications Stoq is an innovative set of business management applications available...

  • Windows
  • Linux

The suite of applications Stoq is an innovative set of business management applications available as free and open source software.

High usability

Interfaces carefully crafted and designed based on usability studies.
Product divided into several applications (modules) aimed at specific areas and departments of a company.
Each application contains features specific to particular department or division of a company, and be simple to use, with few menu items, buttons and information that may confuse the user.
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The ros supports the registration and control of multiple units and / or subsidiaries of a company. Once you have added a new branch is automatic and transparent control of the same stock.

You can add multiple users with different access permissions simply by registering certain profiles.
Ros in a user profile enables you to set access restrictions for certain categories of employees. For example, the seller sets the access profile only for use POS and may be associated with all new vendors registered in the system.

And more
- Procurement, sales and inventory
- Monitoring of customers ( CRM )
- Determination of taxes
- Financial control
- Print tax via ECF
- Export of NFe
- Sale cards (TEF)
- Developed at and for Linux

Fiscal printers
- Quick DataReg (or any other protocol that uses FiscNet)
- Daruma FS345, FS600 and FS700
- Bematech MP25 and MP2100

Credit Cards
- Visa, Visa Electron and Visa Vale
- MasterCard and Maestro
- Amex
- Fininvest
- Private Label
- JCB More Info »

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