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Effortless Software to optimize Mac

Positive Comment by kadriwatts
about Stellar Drive Defrag Dec 2014

I got rid from the spinning beachball, occurring in my Mac after attempting any operation. Finally, happy to have more free spaces from my cluttered Mac drive.


Link to download

Comment by mariagunn
about Stellar Drive Defrag Sep 2014

I want to download the software but i can't be able to find the proper link.


Superb performance!!

Comment by hummingbirdalley
about Stellar Drive Defrag Sep 2014

It was the first time I thought to give shot to the defragmentation on my MBP2011. Stellar Drive Defrag didn't disappoint me. My OS X performance is much better than before. I am going to give shot on my another Mac system.


Buyer Beware!!

Negative Comment by fotographer
about Stellar Drive Defrag May 2012

This software is a SCAM! It does not work AT ALL! ruins your HD! The $39 waisted on this fraud of a company will be nothing compared to the time and cost trying to undo its damage.

Forget about a refund. You will receive email after email asking for info and stating you have not replied to their requests. Hopefully you don't waste your money on this crap but of you I did...just move on and forget it. It isn't worth the trouble.

Someone needs to shut this company down.


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