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The Vallhalla of the PC Master Race 2 Helpful

Positive Review by lupuleasai
about Steam Dec 2016

Steam for dummies guide.

Steam is the leader PC game shop, and by far the largest one. There is no other place that has a more extensive library of games than Valve's model. You might find other better deals sometimes, but that is rarely the case from my experience (after 300+ games bought)

To get the cheapest deals on Steam, and when to wait for them, check out the guide here
Other websites with game deals to watch out: HumbleBundle, GoG (Good old Games), Amazon, Origin, BundleStars, GreenManGaming, Gamersgate
To see cheaper places to find your game, check out this very useful deal tracker website

- Frequent deals, and quarterly holiday steam sales (for christmas, summer, halloween, etc.)
- Ultra-fast support for downloading, this is how I test my internet speed, really
- Huge community
- Has very active reviewers and curators to let you be as informed as possible on what you are buying
- It mentions games that are unfinished (like alpha's, beta's and early access games)
- Shows DLC (downloadable content) clearly.
- Has chat support (also works in browser if you are on the go, or on mobile)
- Has content sharing support (screenshots, memes)
- Has a workshop building community, where content creators can build in-game items that can then be contracted by the game creators to appear in the game.
- Has integrated modding support (though not fully)
- Has a greenlight system, that you can vote on other submitted games to appear on steam and get launched there
- Has a market, where you can sell/buy in-game items for your games, from other users
- Has some nice and addictive game mechanics for leveling up your profile and customizing for extra flair
- Has "family" sharing options, so that you can give your collection to other users safely for them to play (as long as you don't play at the same time, the same game)
- Many gaming communities reside there.
- Has a facebook-esque wall that you can use to check what your gamer friends are up to.
- Has integrated achievements.
- Works online if you've installed the games.
- Has good security
- Has good privacy control
- Is a good place to see official news on your games
- Has good mobile support if you want steam on your other devices.
- Works on Mac / Linux too, and has deals on those platforms as well.
- Fully integrated for your gaming needs. If you have steam, you basically don't need anything else (unless the game does not appear on steam, like Blizzard games for example)

- Games are in a digital format in the cloud
- Games cannot be installed without a internet connection
- Requires an account and an installation of the Steam client
- Its features are quite addictive and it can create collector's syndrome, so you can spend a whole lot of time in the steam client, gazing over your collection and chatting, browsing silly items instead of actually playing games. It happens very frequently in the community, so be aware of that.
- The score system is not that complex, just a rating instead of a 0-100 cumulated rating.
- Community can be rude, but that's how big masses of people usually turn out.
- Not that safe for children, due to the user interactions.
- Your wallet will suffer through hell.

Overall, it's been the best since 2003.
God bless our lord Gaben for thinking about the game consumer market.


At first, I did not like Steam. Now I actively avoid using it. 3 Helpful

Negative Review by AlternativeSteve
about Steam May 2016

I joined Steam because of the games, and because I liked the idea of a PC's ability to tweak games and controls to a greater degree than is possible on a game console. Back then, the Steam interface was clumsy, sprawling, counter-intuitive and ugly -- to my surprise, the interface and user experience has not improved in the five years I have used it.

After a while, I got used to the interface and lock-in, and didn't mind Steam so much. But I recently came to realise that my dislike for Steam has blossomed. The more I use it, the more I find myself frustrated at it. It think it's terribly designed and implemented. Every time I boot my PC to play a game (roughly once every two or three weeks) it has to download updates before I am permitted to play. Sometimes the updates are gigabytes in size, so I have to wait twenty minutes or more before playing a game, by which time the opportunity and desire to game has passed. I find the interface bewilderingly complex and counter intuitive. I dislike all the messages about trading cards it sends, and wish I could configure it to stop doing that.

For now, I need Steam to play a few exclusive titles. But I'm seriously considering whether it is worth the trouble. I would love to be able to delete my Steam account, and walk away. One day, I will. I guess I'm just old and grumpy now. Less willing to fiddle with software in my limited spare time. After switching from consoles to a Steam PC with the idea that the extra options on PC would be more enjoyable, I'm probably going to switch back to console gaming. Gaming on PC doesn't feel worth the trouble it takes to maintain Steam. There's a lot convenience built into ownership of a console system.

Just my opinion. Other opinions are available.