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At first, I did not like Steam. Now I hate it.

Negative Review by AlternativeSteve about Steam May 2016

I joined Steam because of the games, obviously. Back then, the interface was clumsy, sprawling, counter-intuitive and extremely ugly -- and it has not improved. After a while, I got used to the interface and lock-in, and didn't mind Steam so much.

But I recently came to realise that my dislike of Steam has blossomed into full-blown hatred. It's truly, truly, terrible. The kind of abysmal software you usually only find to have been made by hardware manufacturers building cheap one-off routers or printers. Shudder.

For now, I need Steam to play a few exclusive titles. But I'm seriously considering whether even that is worth the trouble. I would love to be able to delete my Steam account, and walk away from the hundreds of dollars I've poured into it. I hate it that much.

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