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Positive Review by ClaudiaR
about Stackfield and Slack May 2016

I was searching for an end-to-end encrypted alternative to Slack and found it with Stackfield! In addition, we are now able to work with tasks and calendars without the need to switch between different tools. Definitely a great tool that simplifies our daily work!


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Positive Review by Wagn3r
about Stackfield and Asana, Wunderlist Oct 2014

I have tried almost any project-management tool there is.
I could never get used to Asana. Wunderlist is great, but it is not ideal to upload, preview und comment picutes (screenshots) and have group conversations.

Since I discovered Stackfield I don't need to look any further!
- All content is encrypted
- it is lighting fast (best in Chrome)
- no ads or other crap
- got beautiful UI
- desktop notifications
- perfect for group conversations (facebook style)
- and it is easy to upload pictures, comment and asign taks.

I <3 it