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SRWare Iron, or simply Iron, is a fork of the free and open-source web browser Chromium , of which...

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SRWare Iron, or simply Iron, is a fork of the free and open-source web browser Small Chromium iconChromium , of which Small Google Chrome iconGoogle Chrome is a fork of. Iron primarily aims to eliminate usage tracking and other privacy violating functionality that Chrome includes. Iron includes other notable unique features. In contrast to Chrome, it implements the latest version of the WebKit rendering engine, and includes a built-in ad BLOCKer.

You can also install Chrome extensions and themes on Iron. More Info »


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SRWare Iron (sometimes referred to as Iron) was added by Joz in Apr 2009 and the lastest update was made in Feb 2015. There is a history of activites on SRWare Iron in our Change Log and Activity Log. It's possible to update the information on SRWare Iron or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. If you want a nice widget to put on your website check these out.

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Negative Comment by Azazel about SRWare Iron Mar 2014

I gave this project a second try and it still looks too shady/unclear for me. First and foremost, are its sources really can be found only on Rapidshare and their "Download permission denied by uploader" or I am missing something here? What kind of opensource is that?

Second, it rarely gets updated, but when it does, new versions can ship with odd bugs, a bugs that do not actually exist in Chrome. One of such was not working tooltips (a pieces of text that appear when you hover over a tab, a button, or an image (on a webpage) with filled 'title' attribute).

Third, when I tried to report that bug at the official forum, my post would never get approved.

I don't really like Chrome either, but I'd say avoid Iron anyway. Switch to Firefox -- which is (I guess) a real open source and, with version 27, just as fast as Chromium, -- or to whatever other browser.



Comment by Azazel about SRWare Iron Also mentioning: Comodo Dragon Internet Browser Jun 2012


Why do people say its a browser for the paranoid? That is just a comment that makes no sense. Just because some people don't want someone tracking their searches does not make them paranoid it is very logical to not want someone tracking your searches, logins, accounts, stuff you purchase. I am sure google may not steal info from you but someone else can if google can. But I guees if someone wants it bad enough they may get it anyway. But the idea of google not knowing is a start. I would much rather have it that way. What is the point of removing spyware from your computer if google is just going to track you? To me thats no different from spyware. So are people that remove spyware from there computer paranoid? No they have a brain.


I just switched to this from Google Chrome, and it is so good so far! This is like the GNU IceCat except with Google Chrome and for Windows. All my Chrome addons have worked with Iron without error.

Be sure to read this article to learn how to REALLY lock it down and protect your privacy:


No point in Iron since Chromium's out. A bit shady overall (source is STILL hosted on rapidshare)

Also, interesting read on Iron by one of the Chromium devs:


A good browser for the paranoid, I suppose. The way I see it, on the internet, you never really have 'privacy'.