This application has been discontinued
SRS Audio Sandbox is no longer available. Now only SRS Audio Essentials is available.


SRS Audio Sandbox

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[SRS Audio Sandbox is no longer available. Only Small SRS Audio Essentials iconSRS Audio Essentials is still available.] Experience music, movies and games the way the artists intended them to sound on your media player with SRS Audio Sandbox software plug-in. Compatible with all media players, the SRS Audio Sandbox restores audio to what it supposed to be: organic, immersive and uncompromised.

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This is one the best

Positive Comment by realnabarl about SRS Audio Sandbox Nov 2012

After tried SRS HD Audio Lab, SRS Audio Essentials, Breakaway Audio Enhancer, DFX Audio Enhancer, SoundPimp, Hear. I'd say this one is the best, it might not be the best on every point, but overall it is the best. Breakaway is also a good one but it has a volume issue for some apps.


SRS isn't a good alternative to Breakaway! Both are on a trial basis and Breakaway blows SRS away! It's not even close! If I had to pay for one, Breakaway would be it! I'm looking for something par to it and it seems there isn't!