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Comment by devesh_123
about SplashID · Mar 2013 ·

Try SplashID ( ). I have used it and have found it excellent. Well organized and can syc with different devices. You dont have to remember even a single password as you can login using a pattern,


Very expensive, major security flaw in older mobile app

about SplashID · ·

This company charges almost $20 for EACH desktop license... so $60 for my two Windows PCs and one Mac laptop. Then they charge $10 for the IOS iPhone app, and another $10 for the iPad IOS app. That is $80 if I want to use this app fully. Total money grab. The IOS version should be no more than $10 for all versions together and $20 for unlimited desktop (Windows/Mac) license.

Also, the mobile version has a major security flaw. The fixed version 6.1 is not even available yet on the Canadian iTunes store. If anyone had older versions of this software on their IOS device, they essentially had no additional security (other than IOS lock screen and device encryption from Apple) for the last several years. How can a company developing a piece of "security software" let such a flaw make it into a production app?

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I just bought SplashID for Windows because I've been a long ...

Comment by mandin82
about SplashID · Jun 2011 ·

I just bought SplashID for Windows because I've been a longtime user of its iPhone app (which is ok), and I have to say that I'm disappointed bordering on angry with this guys. The Windows app is awful; it reminds me of those Windows 3.1 apps where the programmer just wanted for it to work without minding aesthetics or user-friendliness.
I'm going to ditch this for 1password. The Windows app is a little more expensive, but the interface is beautiful, easy to use, and the app altogether seems much more polished. They also have an iPhone app, which is a nice plus.
Splashdata: you failed miserably with this one.